Congratulations Messages for ISRO on Chandrayaan 3

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Congratulations Messages for ISRO on Chandrayaan 3

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has once again shone as a beacon of scientific excellence. The recent launch and successful landing of Chandrayaan 3 is yet another wavering dedication and remarkable achievement in space exploration. On this overwhelming achievement here are 10 quotes to extend your warm wishes to the space organization.

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Top 5 Messages to Congratulate ISRO on Chandrayaan 3  

  1. Cheers on one more in many of India’s biggest achievements. #Chandrayaan3 #ISRO
  2. Congratulations to the whole ISRO team and our PM for making Chandrayaan 3 a great success.
  3. The moon has welcomed its whole new guest. Congrats ISRO on making another big success.
  4. ISRO = Our Pride! Congratulations to them for making a successful landing on the Moon.
  5. A very warm congratulations to the ISRO team for leaving its footprints on Moonland.

Use these wishes today and let the world know your happiness about your Nation’s success. Extend these warm wishes with a warm attitude to our respected PM, ISRO team, and all the related persons on your Instagram posts, Linkedin posts, Whatsapp statuses, Twitter, and even more. 

Fill them all with your warm wishes today…..


How do you congratulate someone on Chandrayaan-3?

Good luck on Chandrayaan 3’s landing. The arrival is all around as smooth as twilight. All the best go out to Chandrayaan 3 on this notable day. May you keep achieving these mysterious achievements.

Who congratulated India on Chandrayaan-3?

Vladimir Putin compliments India on the lunar mission. Russian President Putin complimented India’s Leader Draupadi Murmu and Head of the state Narendra Modi on the effective arrival of the Indian space test Chandrayaan-3 on the Moon.

What has Chandrayaan-3 achieved?

The Chandrayaan-3’s lander module has successfully touched down on the Moon’s south pole.

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