What is the Full Form of NCC?

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NCC full form is National Cadet Corps. NCC is a non- profit organization that is responsible for recruiting cadets from colleges, schools, and universities. NCC is headquartered in New Delhi. NCC comes under the best uniformed youth organization around the world as it trains an individual in several areas. For example, physical fitness, discipline, integration, leadership, adventure, community development, and military. The slogan of the National Cadet Corps is Unity and Discipline. The organization is also a great source of recruitment for officers for the military. In fact, NCC is responsible for providing 25% of cadets who are receiving training at the Officers Training Academy, NDA, and IMA. The percentage is significantly higher in terms of the female cadets.

NCC full form : Motto

The tagline of NCC was first  discussed  in the 11th major advisory conference (CAC). As a result, on 11th August 1978, the motto was decided. The most popular concepts selected were ‘Duty, Unity, and Discipline’,  ‘Unity and Discipline’, and ‘Duty and Unity’. Finally, the NCC slogan was changed to ‘Unity and Discipline’ on 12th October,1980. NCC aims to be one of the significant unifying forces in India. In fact, it already is. NCC has been successful in bringing young people from around the country. As a result, it has become a uniting force of citizens who are disciplined and united.

NCC full form : Core Values 

Below is the list of core values of NCC. Enrolled students are responsible for abiding by these values listed by the NCC.

  • Hard Work, honest, Truthfulness, and self- sacrifice 
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle that is free from usage of drugs, and other illegal practises 
  • Be sensitive towards poor citizens of the country and socially disadvantaged people
  • Respect idealism, wisdom, and knowledge 
  • Respect the constitution of India, and contribute, commit towards national development
  • Show respect to the diversity in Indian culture, language, and religion.

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