What is the Full Form of IOA?

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IOA full form

IOA Full Form: The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) is the organisation in charge of selecting athletes to represent India at the Olympic Games, Asian Games, and other international athletic meets, as well as overseeing the Indian teams during these events. The IOA is also in charge of choosing athletes to represent India at the Commonwealth Games.

History of IOA

The committee was not established by statute. Sir Dorabji Tata established it as a non-governmental organisation in 1927. This organisation was envisioned following India’s participation in the 1920 Paris Olympics. Dorabji Tata proposed the formation of a national committee to investigate India’s sporting issues on a global scale. 

This initiative resulted in the establishment of an all-India Olympic committee, which organised a nationwide Olympic game tournament to pick participants for the 1924 Olympics. Following this, the IOA was founded in response to the need to institutionalise sports in India. The International Olympic Committee admitted the IOA as a member the following year. It is also acknowledged by the Ministry of Sports.

Constitution of IOA

The IOA is a 32-member working body, with DR N.D Batra serving as president. A president, vice presidents, secretaries, treasurer, and the executive committee comprise the body. The organisation holds elections for offices every four years, and the executive committee, along with the office, and the standing committee, administer the IOA’s business. It is in charge of all of the country’s state Olympic associations.

Other Full Forms of IOA

To Check some other IOA Full Form in different sectors, check the table below:

Intent of ApprovalBanking
Input/output AdapterSpace Science
IoanninaAirport Code
Input/output AssemblyComputer Hardware
Independent Olympic AthleteSports
Independent Operational AssessmentMilitary and Defence

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