What is the Full Form of DFT?

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The full form of DFT is the Discrete Fourier Transform. Imagine a sound wave. The Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) takes this wave, which changes over time (time domain), and breaks it down into simpler waves of different frequencies (frequency domain). It’s like revealing the musical notes that make up a whole song. The DFT is a powerful tool for understanding the hidden details within a signal. It’s used in many applications, like compressing images and music (removing unimportant frequencies) and analyzing different types of signals.

What is the Formula of DFT?

The formula for the DFT is quite complex, but it basically involves a mathematical operation that combines the original signal with various sine and cosine waves. This tells us how much each frequency contributes to the overall signal. The formula is given below. 



N = number of samples

n = current sample

k = current frequency, where KE is 0, N−1

xn = the sine value at sample n

xk= the DFT that includes information on both amplitude and phase

DFT in Easy Terms

Source: Towards Data Science

Other Full Forms of DFT

There are more full forms of DFT in different industries. 

  • DFT in degree- Design for Testability- It aims to make digital circuits easier to test during the manufacturing process. Check out this blog to know more.
  • DFT in payment- Detailed Financial Transaction- It is a message that describes a financial transaction transmitted between systems. 
  • DFT in coating- Dry film thickness- It is a coating thickness that is the single most important measurement made during the application and inspection of protective coatings.
  • DFT in Business- Demand Flow Technology- Demand Flow techniques to create a line design that supports output to match demand at capacity. 
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