10 Interesting Facts About Lord Shiva Every Devotee Should Know

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The auspicious one or the Lord Shiva is the creator of the universe. Shiv is one of the oldest and most powerful gods known for protecting the universe against all kinds of bad events. The Hindu mythology states that three major powers are guiding the universe called Trimurti. These Trimurti (three supreme ancient gods) are Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Brahma. People with Shaivism beliefs consider him at the top of all gods or Devo ke Dev Mahadev. This article will cover all the interesting facts about Lord Shiva that everyone should know. 

  1. Adiyogi Shiva- As per the Yogic culture, Shiva is not a god but an adiyogi or the creator of yoga. It is believed that yoga was introduced to humans by the lord Shiva. Over 15000 years ago lord Shiva attained his full enlightenment and abandoned himself in either still form or dance form above the Himalayas. Many people followed him to know what he had done but he stayed in either of his forms. Only 7 people stayed back and came to be known as saptrishis. The day the first person became the adi guru is known as guru purnima.’ 
  1. Avatars of Lord Shiva- This fact about Lord Shiva might be known to some but unknown to others. There are 19 avatars of Shiva, as per the Shiva Purana. However, in Kurma Purana, there are a total of 28 avatars. 
  1. Nataraja Form– Lord Shiva is the greatest dancer. The Nataraja form of Lord Shiva is the most common form among dancers to worship. The word Nataraja is a Sanskrit word made from ‘Nata’ meaning ‘act, drama, dance,’ and ‘Raja’ meaning ‘The King.’
  1. Story of Neelkanth- As per the information available in Bhagavad Purana, a holy book of Hindus, Kalput (poison) came out at the time of Samudramanthan. This poison could have killed the whole universe, however, Lord Shiva gulped it which caused his neck to turn blue. Therefore, he is known as Neelkanth (Blue Throat). 

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  1. Kaawad Yatra– It is believed that he was burning after having the poison from Kalput. Therefore Raavan, a devout follower of the god Shiva, brought Ganagajal (Water from the river Ganga) to Lord Shiva to calm him down. This journey of bringing water from the Ganga in Kawad or walking sticks used to hang the urns of water came to be known as the Kawad Yatra. 
  1. Chandrama on the head– According to Shiv Puran, King Daksh had 27 daughters who married Chandra Dev. After marriage, he focused more on one of his wives Rohini which made the others sad. All the rest wives went to their dad, King Daksh who cursed Chandra Dev that he would vanish in 15 days. He went to lord Shiva to seek help and he gave him the blessing of coming back after vanishing in 15 days. Therefore, every 15 days the moon decreases, and in Amavasya (dark night) Chandra Dev completely vanishes. The Chandra Dev on the head of Shivji is a symbol of his blessing on the former. 
  1. Bhasma– This fact about Lord Shiva must be known to everyone that Mahakaal, a form of lord Shiva is worshipped with ashes. As per the information stated in Shiv Prana, a sage Pranad was meditating in the jungle where he only ate fruits and leaves. He was injured when he was chopping grasses in the jungle and Rishi Pranad realized that his finger was not bleeding but the juices of trees were coming out of his injured finger. So he was so proud of his purity that he was the purest form in the universe. Lord Shiva, in the form of an old man, appeared in front of him and said that it was no big deal and that leaves and trees, after burning turn to ashes. Furthermore, he mentioned that ashes (Bhasm) are the purest form. Therefore, Shiv ji puts bhasm all over his body to remind his devotees what is the ultimate truth. 
  1. Tiger Skin Mattress– In all the images of Lord Shiva, he can be seen sitting on a mat made of Tiger skin. In Shiv Purana, Lord Shiva in the form of a young recluse (Bairagee) was roaming around in the jungle where many rishis were living with their wives. These wives got attracted to this Bairagee, which made the other rishis very angry who built a ditch within the forest and used all their powers to make a tiger come out of this pit. When Bairagee was passing by, the tiger attacked him and Lord Shiva won. Therefore he sits on the skin of tigers which shows his victory over the animal species. 

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  1. Rudraksha of Mahadev– In the neck of Lord Shiva, you can always find a snake and Rudraksha (Rudra- Shiv, Aksha- Eye) mala. This fact about Lord Shiva is known to mostly all devotees of Shiva who wear rudraksha mala. It is said when he was doing years-long penaces he kept his eyes closed, but once when he opened his eyes some of the tears from his eyes fell on the surface of the earth. These places started growing the Elaeocarpus ganitrus trees which make Rudraksha. It is said that only he can wear it who has the blessings of Lord Shiva. 
  1. Nandi Ji– After his birth the kid Nandi, when he was seeking the blessings of sages, came to know that he might not be living for so long. Nandi after taking blessings from his father, started doing penance, when Lord Shiva appeared Nandi said he would like to be with Lord Shiva at all times. Therefore, he became the personal vehicle of Lord Shiva. 
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