List of Important Battles In Indian History

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List of Important Battles In Indian History

Indian history boasts about various important battles, kingdoms, empires and brave leaders. These battles of India have sometimes altered the rule in India’s history, changed the course of empires and dominated the Indian subcontinent for years. In this list, we will explore some of the most epic battles fought on India’s soil. As we explore these important battles in Indian history, you will learn about how empires rose and fell, the tactics and technologies used in battles and the courage of soldiers fighting for their country and their faith. 

Battle of PanipatFirst Battle Of Panipat
The Second Battle of PanipatThird Battle of Panipat
Battle of PlasseyBattle Of Ten Kings
Battle of AliwalBattle Of Kohima
Battle of AssayeBattle Of Ten Kings
Battle Of Porto NovoBattle Of Diu
Battle Of ColachelBattle Of Imphal
Battle Of KarnalBattle Of Talikota
Battle of SobraonBattle of Saragarhi
Battle of KhardaBattle Of The Hydaspes
Battle of SaraighatKalinga War Notes
First Anglo-Maratha WarSecond Anglo-Maratha War
Third Anglo-Maratha WarList of All The Anglo-Maratha Wars
Carnatic War ChroniclesFirst Carnatic War
Second Carnatic WarThird Carnatic War
List of All the Anglo-Mysore WarsTimeline of India-Pakistan War
First India Pakistan War of 1947-1948Indo-Pak War 1965
Indo-Pak War of 1971Revolt of 1857

This is the list of important battles in Indian History. For more content related to the different states of India, visit our articles like this, you can get Study notes on the Modern History of India here. Also, you can visit our general knowledge page on Indian History!

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