Second Anglo-Maratha War: Course and Outcome

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second Anglo-Maratha war

The beginning of the second Anglo-Maratha war was seen in 1803 and ended in 1805. It is a series of wars that were fought between the East India Company and the Maratha Empire. The ‘Treaty of Salbai’ was signed at the end of the first Anglo-Maratha War. Unlike the first Anglo-Maratha war which ended with the victory of the Marathas, this war ended with the victory of the British East India Company

Second Anglo Maratha War

Course of Second Anglo-Maratha War

After the death of the Peshwa Madhav Rao II, the son of Raghunath Rao became the heir to the throne of the Peshwa. By his time Maratha was a significant empire that was untouched by the 

Britishers after capturing the Mysore of Tipu Sultan. 

  • Moreover, the Maratha empire was ruled by five families- Peshwas from Pune, the Gaekwads from Baroda, the Holkars from Indore, the Scindias from Gwalior, and the Bhonsles from Nagpur. 
  • However, their internal differences the Holkar chief Yashwantrao Holkar fought a battle against Baji Rao II, Peshwa of Pune, in 1802, where the latter lost the fight. 
  • He then went to the Britishers to seek their help and signed the ‘Treaty of Bassain (Vasai)’ and agreed to the presence of British troops in their territories. 
  • Moreover, the other two families Bhosale and Scindias rejected this treaty. 

All these incidents led to the second Anglo-Maratha war in 1803, on the lands of central or Deccan parts of India. 

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Outcome of the Second Anglo-Maratha War

  • The ‘Treaty of Bassaein’ helped establish the right foot of Britishers on the Indian land. With this, in Pune, paramount British established. 
  • This made the Maratha confederacy dependent on the Britishers for strength and number and vice versa. 
  • Any issue that was raised between the Peshwa and the Marathas was solved or intervened by the Britishers. 
  • The Peshwa had to surrender. He gave up all his powers to the Nizam which is why Hyderabad was indirectly in the control of the British East India Company. 
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