The Second Battle of Panipat- Timeline and Result

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Second Battle of Panipat

Samrat Hem Chandra Vikramaditya, the ruler of the north, and Akbar were the two parties involved in the second battle of Panipat on 5 November 1556 which led to the victory of Akbar. Hemu, after winning two battles to win Delhi and Agra, one of which was in Delhi called the “Battle of Delhi” against the Mughal army led by Tardi Beg Khan. Therefore Hem was called Raja Vikramaditya. Akbar, after hearing about the loss made sure to send his army to regain the territories they lost.  Both of the parties met at a place that is not so far from Panipat. This article will cover the second battle of Panipat. 

Timeline of the Second Battle of Panipat

Refer to the following table to know the events that led to the Second Battle of Panipat.

1540Sher Shah Suri establishes the Sur Empire, capturing Delhi and Agra.
1545Sher Shah Suri dies at Kalinjar.
1554Islam Shah Suri, Sher Shah’s son, dies, leading to succession issues in the Sur Empire.
1555Mughals, led by Humayun, defeated Sikandar Shah Suri, reclaiming Delhi and Agra.
1556Humayun dies on 27 January.
1556Hemu, the chief minister and general of the Suri army, starts a march to reclaim lost territory, defeating the Mughals along the way.
1556Hemu defeats the Mughal governor of Delhi, Tardi Beg Khan, in the Battle of Tughlaqabad on 7 October and takes possession of Delhi.
1556Hemu assumes the title of Vikramaditya (or Bikramjit), claiming royal status.

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Result of the Second Battle of Panipat

  • Hemu’s army was leading in the second battle of Panipat, leading it from the top of an elephant until he was hit by an arrow in his eyes. 
  • After being unconscious and almost dead for hours, the war ended with the victory of Akbar. The former then was taken to the latter’s tent.
  • A Centoph was built at the site by the followers of Hemu that we can still witness at the village of Saudhapur, Panipat. 
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