Who Defeated Prithviraj Chauhan?

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who defeated Prithviraj Chauhan

Prithviraj Chauhan also known as Rai Pithora, was a fearless king who ruled the kingdoms of Delhi and Ajmer in the 12th century. However, his reign came to a tragic end when he was defeated in the famous Battle of Tarain. But the burning question remains – Who defeated Prithviraj Chauhan? Let’s delve into the article to know more information on this pressing question. 

Prithviraj Chauhan’s Rival: Muhammad Ghori

Muhammad Ghori the formidable ruler of the Ghurid dynasty, emerged as Prithviraj Chauhan’s arch-nemesis during the medieval period. Ghori was a powerful conqueror who had set his eyes on expanding his empire in the Indian subcontinent. In the year 1191, the two mighty rulers clashed in the First Battle of Tarain.

  • In the First Battle of Tarain, Prithviraj Chauhan emerged victorious and dealt a heavy blow to Muhammad Ghori’s forces.
  • However, Ghori was not one to back down easily. He regrouped his army and launched a second attack on Prithviraj Chauhan in the year 1192.

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The Second Battle of Tarain

The Second Battle of Tarain proved to be a turning point, as it sealed the fate of Prithviraj Chauhan. The battle was a fierce and bloody confrontation that ultimately led to the downfall of the Chauhan dynasty.

  • In a tactical move, Muhammad Ghori ambushed Prithviraj Chauhan’s army and caught them off guard. The Chauhan forces were outnumbered and overwhelmed by Ghori’s well-trained soldiers.
  • Despite putting up a valiant fight, Prithviraj Chauhan was captured by Muhammad Ghori and taken as a prisoner.
  • The defeat at the Battle of Tarain marked the end of Prithviraj Chauhan’s rule and paved the way for Ghori to establish his dominance in Northern India.

Prithvi Raso claimed that Prithviraj’s spirit would not be broken, not even in his blind state. Prithviraj was presented to Ghori in chains as a showpiece when he returned to Delhi. Prithviraj killed him with his exceptional archery abilities in an act of retaliation. Prithviraj was later killed by Ghori’s supporters. Nonetheless, there are plenty of other tales pertaining to the fact that revolve around who killed Prithviraj Chauhan or did he die himself.

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