Which Were States Acquired Under Subsidiary Alliance?

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States Acquired Under Subsidiary Alliance

Subsidiary Alliance States were a form of alliance imposed by the British East India Company on Indian princely states during the 18th and 19th centuries. The concept was first introduced in India by Lord Wellesley, the Governor-General of India, as a means of extending British influence and control over Indian territories without direct military conquest. The nature of the alliance was called a Non-Intervention Policy.

Subsidiary Alliance States, also known as protected states, had to implement a system of governance used by the British East India Company to control Indian princely states during the colonial period. This system allowed the British to assert control over these states without directly annexing them, thereby maintaining the facade of independence for the local rulers.

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What is a Subsidiary Alliance State?

  1. Definition: A Subsidiary Alliance State was a princely state in India that entered into a treaty with the British East India Company, agreeing to accept British protection in exchange for a British subsidiary force stationed in the state.
  2. Purpose: The main goal of establishing subsidiary alliances was to extend British influence and control over the Indian subcontinent without incurring the costs and responsibilities of direct rule.
  3. Key Features: These agreements required the Indian princely states to acknowledge British paramountcy, maintain British troops in their territory, and conduct foreign relations through the British government.

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List of Indian Princely States Under the Policy in Chronology

Hyderabad became the first state under the subsidiary alliance. Here is a list of Indian princely states who agreed to implement the subsidiary alliance in chronology – 

1801Awadh (Oudh)
1802Peshwas (Marathas)
1803Scindias (Marathas)
1803Gaekwads (Marathas)

Indian rulers were required to pay a subsidy to the British Garrison stationed in their territory under the subsidiary alliance. They had to obtain permission at first from the British East India Company to collaborate with any other European for any services, as well as for negotiations with other Indian rulers.

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