Battle of Chanderi: Background, Timeline, and Location

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Battle of Chanderi

Having secured Mughal rule through his victory at Khanwa, Babur, the Mughal emperor sought to solidify his dominance in North India. He targeted Chanderi, the erstwhile capital of Malwa, ruled by Rana Sanga’s vassal Medini Rai. Despite a peace offer in December 1527, Babur ultimately defeated Rai in January 1528, further weakening the Rajput Confederacy. This whole battle was called the ‘Battle of Chanderi’ since it was fought in Chanderi. Scroll through to learn more about the battle. 

BattleBattle of Chanderi
DateJanuary 20, 1528
Fought BetweenMughal Empire vs. Rajput Confederacy
Mughal LeaderBabur
Rajput LeaderMedini Rai
Preceding BattleBattle of Khanwa (March 1527)
PurposeTo establish Mughal supremacy in Northern India

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Battle of Chanderi- Background

Babur had already set foot right on the lands of the capital city, however, he wanted more.  Chanderi, a key political and commercial center on the border of Malwa and Bundelkhand, was ruled by Medini Rai, a Rajput king who had escaped Rana Sanga’s grasp after their joint defeat at Khanwa.

Seeing an opportunity, Babur offered Medini Rai an exchange: Chanderi for one of his own forts, Shamsabad. However, Medini Rai refused. This led to the Battle of Chanderi on January 20th, 1528, where Babur’s Mughal forces ultimately captured the city on January 29th.

Battle of Chanderi- Timeline and Location

In January 1528, the strategic fortress town of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh became the scene of a decisive battle. Mughal forces under Babur besieged the fort and their tactics led to victory. This not only expanded Mughal territory but also solidified Babur’s regional dominance, setting the stage for further conquests.

Babur’s reign was marked by a series of conflicts that cemented Mughal power in Asia. From his initial victory at Panipat in 1526 to the later battles of Khanwa, Chanderi, and Ghagra, his strategic moves secured dominance for the Mughals. These battles showcased Babur’s skilled use of military tactics, solidifying his control and paving the way for further expansion. 

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