How Did Tenali Rama Died?

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how did Tenali Rama died

Tenali Ramakrishna also popularly known as Tenali Rama, was a legendary poet, scholar, and Chief advisor in the court of the iconic Emperor Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagara Empire. Tenali Rama’s wit, intelligence, and humour have made him a beloved figure in Indian folklore and literature. Even your grandparents or parents must have narrated his stories of wisdom to you. But have you ever been curious about how did Tenali Rama died? Let’s answer this question here.

Tenali Ramakrishna was a prolific poet and writer, known for his witty verses and satirical works. His ability to come up with clever solutions to difficult problems made him a valuable asset in the court of King Krishnadevaraya. Because of his nature of quick wit and sense of humour, he often used it to outsmart his opponents and win the favour of the king. He was also amongst the Ashtadiggajas ( eight veteran poets) of the Vijaynagar empire.

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Death of Tenali Rama

In old Tamil historical accounts, his death is said to have been caused by a black snakebite. After the bite, he felt giddiness and the poison slowly started to mix with his blood, resulting in his demise. 

With mastery of different languages like Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada, Tenali Rama in his years of service and in his later years wrote many books. Out of which Panduranga Mahatmyam is considered one of the Panch Maha Kavya ( five great Kavyas) in Telugu.

Tenali Rama

Many folk tales and legends have been passed down through generations about Tenali Rama’s adventures and exploits. These stories often depict him as a wise and cunning individual who uses his intelligence and wit to overcome challenges and help those in need. Even centuries after his death, the tales of Tenali Rama continue to be popular in Indian culture, with books, TV shows and movies based on his life and adventures.

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