What Were The Causes of the Battle of Buxar?

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causes of the battle of Buxar

Buxar, a small city in present-day Bihar, is where the battle of Buxar took place between the British East India Company and the allies of the Mughals. The primary cause of the battle of Buxar was that Britishers were trying to take control of most of the Bengal area, and the leaders of the Mughal ally were not ready to leave it yet. The result of the Battle of Buxar made Britishers step their foot on the land of India. 

Background and Reasons for the Battle

The Nawab of Bengal, Mir Kasim, was given the seat of Nawab by the Britishers who expected him to be their puppet emperor. However, it did not work as Britishers had planned. 

  • Mir Kasim’s Assertion- The deputy governor of Bihar, Ram Narayan, denied submitting Bihar’s revenues accounts despite continuous requests from Mir Kasim which raised questions about the leadership of the emperor. Britishers appreciated these acts of Ram Narayan making the situation worse for Mir Kasim. 

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  • Dastaks- The British East Company’s officials did not use the dastaks which were the trade permits. Under these permits, a certain set of things were exempted from duty payments. Therefore, the taxes were reduced for Mir Kasim and company merchants were having misused benefits.
  • Duties Abolishment- After all these acts of the Britishers, Mir Kasim decided to repeal the duties of the Britishers which were revolted by them in return. This caused the Battle of Buxar. 
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