Vasai Fort History- Features, Facts, Timings & More

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Vasai Fort history

Located in Vasai Taluka a distance of 45 km from Palghar City lies the ruins of the magnificent Vasai Fort. Decades earlier, it acted as a prosperous Portuguese rule during the 16th and 17th centuries. Moreover, it was once a city of significant size and great importance. Vasai derives its name from the Sanskrit word Vaas, meaning “dwelling” or “residence”. But how did it get its name Bacaim? Why is it popular among tourists and locals? Let’s explore the details together Vasai Fort history, its features, interesting facts and more.

Commissioned byPortugese Rulers
Also Known asBassein Fort
LocationPortuguese Rulers
TimingsOpen 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM on all days
Entry Fee for fortNo Entry Fees

History of Vasai Fort

The Vasai Fort is quite a popular spot for heritage walks and movie shoots. It is being restored under the direction of the Archaeological Survey of India.

  • The construction of the Fort Bassein began somewhere around the 1530s. 
  • Vasai Fort came into the possession of the Portuguese rulers in 1534 after it was surrounded by Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat.
  • During that time, Mumbai, which was a group of islands inhabited by indigenous koli fishermen, was also under the control of the Portuguese. 
  • The Portuguese used the Vasai fort as their commercial and military base.
  • Later on, it became the capital of the Konkon region.
  • Upon seizing the fort, the Portuguese developed the pre-existing structure and renamed it Fortaleza de São Sebastião de Baçaim (the Fort of Saint Sebastian of Vasai). 
  • Later on, in the 18th century, Chimaji Appa, brother of Peshwa Bajirao, and his army of the Maratha empire conquered the fort. 
  • It was here that Peshwa Bajirav signed the Treaty of Bassein which subsequently dissolved the Maratha Confederacy. However, their rule was short-lived as the fort was captured by the British forces in 1817 AD.

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Features of Vasai Fort

  • The fort has an invincible 4.5 km stone wall and 11 bastions, covering about an area of 110 acres.
  • It has been constructed strategically on a location that is surrounded by sea on three sides. 
  • The fort featured two gates- the westward land gate. 
  • There are three churches inside the fort, the Holy Name of Jesus Church (also known as the Jesuit Church), Saint Joseph’s Church, and the Franciscan Church of Saint Anthony. 
  • The architecture of the Vasai Fort contains an intricate blend of the popular churches of Saint Paul and Bom Jesus. 
  • The fort also featured a small citadel with water tanks, storage houses, and fields to grow crops. 
  • The dome of the Saint Joseph’s Church still contains traces of Portuguese-period paintings of floral patterns and faces of angels. 

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Interesting Facts About Vasai Fort

  • The Saint Anthony’s Church inside the Vasai Fort was built in memory of Saint Anthony in 1231 and contains about 250 tombstones belonging to the Portuguese nobles.
  • The fort also contains a Victory Pole where the Marathas unfurled their flag upon seizing the fort in 1739.

Timings and Entry Fee

Interestingly, there is no entry fee for the Vasai Fort in Mumbai. It is open to the public all seven days a week from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. You can explore the rich history and heritage of this fort whenever you want. 

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Why is Vasai Fort famous?

Vasai Fort is located in the suburb of North Mumbai. Although the site mainly contains old ruins, it is still a historical marvel that will surely take your breath away. Due to its strategic location, it is covered by sea from three sides.  

Which movies were shot at Vasai Fort?

The Vasai Fort has been used many times to shoot different Bollywood movies such as Josh, Khamoshi, Aag, and Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega.

Is Vasai Fort worth visiting?

Yes, Vasai Fort is among one of the most popular tourist spots in Mumbai. It was first under the control of Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat who surrendered it to Portuguese rulers. Later on, it was occupied by Maratha forces who then lost the fort to Britishers. The architectural remnants along with a picturesque location and rich history make this place worth a shot. 

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