Top 10 Unbelievable Facts About the World

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In your friend circle, the best way to show off is by telling everyone a random fact about all the possible things your friends are into. Well, whether you are into science, fiction, or other weird stuff, making your presence is usually the motto. The facts about the world that we have covered are not just random facts that will make you win an argument; they are genuinely fascinating facts that people don’t know about the world. Grab your blankets, make coffee, and start scrolling through these facts. 

Interesting Facts About the World

1. Sparsely Populated Country

Greenland is the world’s most sparsely populated nation with only 0.1 people per km². This country has no roads, railway stations, or connectivity throughout. 

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2. Earth’s Core

Are you of the opinion that Earth’s core is hard? But we are all wrong if we think that its interior is also hard. The earth’s interior is of semi-solid consistency which is also known as squishy consistency. 

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3. Flying Fish

There is a fish named “Garnai,” that can swim in water, and crawl on a plain surface outside water, and an interesting fact about this fish is that this can fly as well. So next time, when you see a bird fly when your friends catch up you can brag about this fish.

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4. Fear of Needles

When a doctor comes with a needle and you are scared, you should know you are not the only one on the earth who has a fear of needles. Every two in three children and one in every four adults are scared of needles.

5. Earth and Moon Distance

This interesting fact about the Earth is surely unknown to people. The moon is drifting away from the Earth. The rate of this drift is 4 cm per year. We might not be able to see it daily but a million years down the line, the earth will witness significant changes.

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6. Cell Dust

You clean your room daily and still find dust every day. This dust is often recognized as the dust of nature but the fact about the world will change the way you see our room dust. The Research of Imperial College London concludes that a human can shed over 200 million skin cells every hour. But of course, it would be awkward if you go to a friend’s house and tell them that the dust on their table is their skin’s dust. 

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7. Biggest Continent

If you are asked which is the biggest continent, you would obviously name Asia, but do you how big the African continent is? This planet is spread over four hemispheres.

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8. Square Apples

Apples throughout the world are round in shape. But, Korea is loving 20 years far from the world. This problem is addressed and solved, here by growing apples in a square plastic container. It means that these apples grow in square shape easy to carry around. 

9. Chocolate Cake

German chocolate cake might sound like it was first made in Germany or at least by someone belonging to Germany. Surprisingly, it is named after the originator’s name Sam German.

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10. Coral Reeves

The largest living structure on the earth’s surface is coral reefs. These are also some of the most beautiful natural wonders which makes it a great fact about earth.  

This is all about the top 10 facts about the world that might have wooed you. If you want to know more about topics like this, then visit our general knowledge page! Alternatively, you can also read our blog on general knowledge for competitive exams!

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