What is the full form of BARC?

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BARC full form is Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. The BARC main office is also India’s top nuclear research facility. It is located in Mumbai’s Trombay, Maharashtra. It is a multidisciplinary research facility with stellar infrastructure facilities for research and development. For example research in engineering, nuclear science, and allied sciences.  The main goal of BARC is to produce electricity and maintain secure nuclear energy. Some of the issues that BARC deals with include novel reactor fuel material development, computerized modelling and simulation of theoretical reactor technology, among others.

BARC Full Form: History

Dr Homi Jehangir Bhabha started the first nuclear program in India. In 1945 he started the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research for researching nuclear science. Previously, he has also set up AEET or the Atomic Energy Establishment to strengthen the nuclear facilities and take advantage of nuclear energy for the improvement of India. Dr Bhabha was also involved in the establishment of several training centres to meet the energy requirements of the research and development activities. After the death of Dr Bhabha, AEEC came to be known as  BARC (1967). The institution continued with its nuclear research programmes to make India independent in terms of electricity generation.

BARC Full Form: Research Areas

The research areas of BARC include the following:

  • Medicine
  • Agricultural sector
  • Nuclear fuel recycling
  • Smooth operation of nuclear reactors
  • Process of nuclear waste management

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BARC is a nuclear facility in India. It can be termed as a unit of the Department of Atomic Energy. BARC is responsible for research and development in several areas such as engineering, and nuclear science. Additionally, BARC also aims to reduce the usage of carbon in the power sector in the country. Dr Homi J. Bhabha is the founder of BARC.

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