What is the full form of IISER?

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In the world of science education and research in India, the acronym IISER holds significant importance and importance. The IISERs symbolise a revolutionary concept in scientific education and research in India. These prestigious institutions seek to foster scientific excellence, interdisciplinary research, and innovation. With their unique features, state-of-the-art facilities, and integrated programs, IISERs have become renowned centres of scientific learning

Full Form of IISER

The full form of IISER stands for the Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research. These institutions were founded by the Indian government to encourage high-quality scientific education, research, and innovation in different branches of science. IISERs are recognized for their interdisciplinary approach, bridging the gap between different scientific domains and nurturing young scientific minds. 

Establishment of IISER

The establishment of IISER dates back to the year 2006 when the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) developed the idea of setting up seven IISERs across India. The primary objective was to facilitate scientific research and education at par with international standards. These institutes were anticipated to be autonomous, empowering them to design their own curricula and academic programs.

One of the unique features of IISERs is their integrated undergraduate and graduate programs. The institutes offer a five-year program, known as the BS-MS Dual Degree Program, which incorporates undergraduate and postgraduate studies. This comprehensive program provides students with a strong foundation in core sciences and encourages research from the early stages of their academic journey.

Top IISER Institutes in India

While all IISERs in India strive for excellence, a few of them gained praise for their outstanding contributions to scientific research and education. Here are the top IISER institutes in India:

  • IISER Pune
  • IISER Kolkata
  • IISER Mohali

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