What is the Full Form of RFID?

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rfid full form

RFID full form is Radio Frequency Identification. A technology via which radio waves are used to detect and passively identify a tagged object is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). It is a method used to track items such as several industrial applications, books checked out of a library, etc. It is a sort of communication channel between the reader that imparts radio waves and receives signals/responses from the RFID tag. 

RFID is a technology that has been approved since before the 1970s, though it is only recently that it has seen increased attention. This is because of its prevalence, relevance, and usage, in d pet microchipping, and global supply chain management

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Application of RFID 

To know about the application of RFID, read the pointers below. 

  1. RFID uses ID badging
  2. It is used in supply chain management.
  3. It is used for counterfeit prevention 
  4. It can be used or utilised to track shipping containers, cars, trucks, etc.
  5. Personnel tracking can also be done with RFID 
  6. It enables and controls access to restricted areas 

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Advantages and Disadvantages of RFID 

This technology, while beneficial to many, also has some disadvantages. Tabulated below you will find the necessary information. 

Advantages Disadvantages 
A solid number of tags in RFID can read in a short time.Programming RFID devices take a long time.
It provides information and real-time access in no time.Active RFIDs are costlier.
It helps to increase the efficiency and the traceability of products. RFID devices face a privacy concern where the information can be intercepted and read without consent. 

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