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Integrated Circuit is the full form of IC. It is a compact electronic device made of semiconductor material that contains numerous microscopic components, including diodes and transistors. Capacitors and resistors. All of these components are joined together and integrated on a thin silicon sheet to form a single unit. ICs, often known as microchips or chips, are found in a variety of products, including televisions, microprocessors, cars, audio and video equipment, and mobile devices. The major purpose of its design was to fit as many transistors onto a semiconductor chip as feasible. This is the full information about IC, read this article for more details.

Benefits of IC

Here is the list of Benefits of Integrated Circuit

  • In comparison to a discrete circuit, the size of the IC is relatively modest.
  • Comparing the weight of an IC to whole discrete circuits, it is remarkably light.
  • It is very trustworthy.
  • Even though it is smaller, it uses less energy.
  • If there is an issue, it is simple to replace.
  • The differences in temperature between circuit elements are minimal.
  • It is suitable for operating with little signal.

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Limitations of IC

Here are a few Limitations of Integrated Circuit

  • Only a certain amount of electricity may be handled by it.
  • P-N-P It is impossible to build a high-grade chamber.
  • Effectively obtaining the low-temperature coefficient is difficult.
  • The maximum power dissipation is 10 watts.
  • It is difficult to operate at high voltage and low noise.
  • In the event of damage, repairs are challenging.

Applications of IC

Applications for integrated circuits are numerous. Here are a few instances:

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