What is the Full Form of EVM?

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EVM full form

The full form of EVM is Electronic Voting Machine. It is a tool that is used to execute electronic voting in state and national elections in parts of India. The machine has gained widespread recognition after replacing the traditional ballot paper system. Keeping in mind the population of India, these machines are considered safe to use as they avoid any malpractice during the elections. 

Origin of EVM 

In the 1889 election in New York, the first mechanical voting system was granted a patent. The system gained widespread adoption over time, and people began to understand the meaning behind the EVM moniker. It established itself and underwent additional modification.

Votomatic punch cards with holes were first used in the 1965 elections in California. The voter’s name was easily registered thanks to a more advanced and swifter communication technology. In most of India, electronic voting machines have supplanted traditional paper ballots, and this is evidenced by their widespread use.

Design of EVM 

The EVM machines are designed and manufactured by engineers of Bharat Electronics Limited and Electronics Corporation of India Ltd. They are created using dual control units that are attached by a 5-meter-long cable. The voting device is programmed to lock itself when a voter flips a switch next to a candidate’s name,

The names of the competing candidates and the insignia of their parties are displayed on the front of the machine. Each party is given a colored button with a number on it. Voters can exercise their right to vote by pressing one of the specified numbers. Despite being well-known among voters, the entire name of the EVM is not known by the majority of them.

The EVM can record up to 2000 votes and is powered by standard batteries. The votes are safely stored in the chip in case the EVM malfunctions. Changing the paper roll is not permitted at the polling places.

Benefits of EVM 

  • This device greatly lowers the possibility of fraudulent votes
  • Paper waste is decreased as a result of using EVMs
  • EVM machines are simple to assemble and disassemble. This reduces costs and provides more comfortable traveling
  • The machines may be utilized in places without electricity because they run on batteries

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