What is CRN Full Form?

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CRN full form

CRN full form is the Customer Reference Number. The customer reference number is a unique identification number allotted to the customers or clients in any organization. For example, the State Bank of India assigns the CRN to its clients. Likewise, CRN varies depending on the industry or sector in which it is used. It is assigned to record, maintain, manage, and retrieve the customer’s accounts, transactions, as well as, inquiries. The CRN number makes it easier for the organizations and the clients to maintain the data so that it could be traced easily. 

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Other CRN full form

The CRN is also referred to as Customer Relationship Number. For example, the Customer Relationship Number is assigned by Kotak Mahindra Bank to its customers. It is the unique number which is the customer’s net banking number. This number is used as a login username by the customer. 

In the case of business or corporate sector, building a relationship with the customers is an important factor to maintain consistency in business. This led to assigning the clients the CRN number. Thus customer relationships number is the digital fingerprint of the customer which enables the businesses to segregate between their loyal customers and streamline the conversation or sales pitch. 

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Significance of CRN

The CRN number offers the following listed benefits to the customer:

  • Personalization at its best
  • Effortless communication
  • Helps in building trust
  • Enhancing loyalty
  • Protecting the privacy of the customers

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