What is the Full Form of BCI?

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Full Form of BCI

The full form of BCI is the Bar Council of India. However, the name can also be interpreted as –

  • Bar – can be seen as a reference to the legal profession as a whole.
  • Council–  can be seen as a reference to the BCI’s role as the governing body of the legal profession in India.
  • India– can be seen as a reference to the BCI’s jurisdiction over the entire country.

Taken together, the name Bar Council of India suggests that this body is responsible for upholding the standards of the legal profession and protecting the interests of advocates across India.

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What is the Bar Council of India (BCI)?

The Bar Council of India is a statutory body established under the Advocates Act, of 1961, to regulate the legal profession and legal education in India. It is the apex body of all the State Bar Councils in India and has its headquarters in New Delhi.

The council is composed of 22 members, including-

  1. The Attorney General of India,
  2. The Solicitor General of India, and
  3. 20 elected members from the State Bar Councils. 

What are the functions of BCI?

The council is responsible for a wide range of functions, including:

  • Framing and enforcing rules of professional conduct for advocates.
  • Regulating the enrollment and de-enrollment of advocates.
  • Prescribing standards for legal education and granting recognition to law schools.
  • Conducting disciplinary proceedings against advocates for misconduct.
  • Promoting the interests of advocates and the legal profession.

One of the ways in which the BCI is functioning is by developing new standards for legal education. It has recently introduced a new curriculum for law schools that focuses on developing students’ practical skills and knowledge of the law.

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It is also working to promote the use of technology in the legal profession. The BCI has developed a number of online resources for advocates, including an online library and a database of case laws.

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