What is the Full Form of DOT?

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DOT Full Form is Directly Observed Therapy. The DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment, brief Course) method is used to treat pulmonary TB. As the name suggests, it is a brief course of directly observed treatment for tuberculosis. In 1980, it was first applied. The DOTS strategy was developed by the World Health Organisation to improve the efficacy of tuberculosis treatment regimens. The rationale behind it is that doctors are better prepared to administer tuberculosis treatment because they can keep track of a patient’s adherence to therapy and provide follow-up and education as needed.

DOT is a tuberculosis treatment programme that involves taking every day for usually six months, getting inpatient care, and finally getting outpatient care for an additional six months. The majority of the 4.5 million estimated TB patients reside in rural areas where clinics provide treatment. For those who are reluctant to take their medication due to minor or significant adverse effects, this course of medication may be an alternative.

Principal DOTS actions

The main objective of DOT are:

  • Delivering the medication as directed by the DOTS
  • Checking for adverse drug reaction symptoms
  • To make sure the patient takes the medication,
  • Describing the trip
  • Responding to pertinent TB & DOTS questions

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Importance of DOTS

The importance of DOT are:

  • DOTS prevents the spread of TB to other people.
  • The possibility of a therapeutic error is decreased with DOTS.
  • Patients can finish their tuberculosis therapy as soon and without a break with DOTS.
  • We cannot ensure that an individual will take the prescribed drug as directed because some people may find it difficult or fail to do so. DOTS can be used to fix this problem.

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