How Many Members are there in Collegium System?

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How Many Members in Collegium System?

There are 5 members in the Collegium System. This five-member structure applies to the Supreme Court of India Collegium. It recommends appointments for both the Supreme Court itself as well as the High Courts. Furthermore, the Collegium system is not mentioned in our Indian Constitution but has come into being through judicial interpretation. Moreover, the Government receives recommendations and can raise objections in some cases, but ultimately has limited say. 

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The 5 Judges of Collegium System

In addition, the Collegium system consists of five judges:

  • The Chief Justice of India (CJI): Dhananjaya Y. Chandrachud
  • The Four Senior-Most Judges of the Supreme Court:
    • Justice Sanjiv Khanna
    • Justice Bhushan Ramkrishna Gavai
    • Justice Surya Kant
    • Justice Aniruddha Bose

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Debate on the Members in Collegium System

The number of members in the Collegium system has been a point of debate in India. Supporters of the five-member structure argue that it guarantees a balance between experience as well as agility. However, critics suggest a larger and more diverse collegium could bring a wider range of perspectives to the appointment process.

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