MBA Job Opportunities in India 2024

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MBA Job Opportunities in India

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most popular degrees in the world and offers multiple managerial roles to candidates. It is mainly a 2-year professional post-graduate program that offers great career opportunities in various industries such as finance, marketing, Human Resource, Suppy Chain Managemnet etc. An MBA degree is very important for the student to get ahead in their career. Continue reading this blog to know more about all the MBA job opportunities that one can get after completing their MBA program.

Why Choose MBA?

Here are a few reasons mentioned to why choose MBA as a career in India:

  • “MBA is the most popular choice for graduate-level study among Indian students,” according to the GMAC Global Survey.
  • The Times of India said that among all professional courses, MBA graduates have the highest employment rate at 54 per cent.
  • Currently, has over 14,000 job offers, while has over 58k jobs.
  • Depending on the specialism, an MBA in India can earn an average yearly salary of INR 7 LPA to INR 12 LPA.
  • According to US and World News Reports, “hot jobs” include some of the most sought-after roles, including Business Operations Management, Marketing Manager, Operations Research Analyst, and Management Analyst.

MBA Scope in India: Job Opportunities

One of the biggest advantages of an MBA is that it comes with the option of various specialisations. It is a vast ocean of opportunities that offers students work in a plethora of industries. 

Job ProfilesDescriptionAverage Salary (in INR)
Investment Banker An Investment Banker is a finance professional who works in an investment bank or financial institution, specializing in providing financial advisory services and raising capital for corporations, other entities and governments. INR 5 LPA
Chief Financial OfficerThe high-ranking executive in charge of overseeing the finances, operations, and plans of an organisation is known as the CFO. INR 47.1 LPA
Product ManagerAn expert who plans, coordinates, and supervises projects for the organisation is known as a project manager.INR 24.7 LPA
Sales ManagerIn this line of work, the individual is in charge of overseeing and directing a group of sales representatives or a company’s sales division. INR 6.7 LPA
HR ManagerThe person in charge of managing the company’s human resources division is known as an HR manager or human resources manager. INR 12 LPA

Top Recruiters for MBA Students

Every industry is eager to hire recent MBA grads. The need for professionals grows as businesses expand, and demand for MBA graduates rises accordingly. 

Asian PaintsJP Morgan Chase & Co.
Mckinsey & Co.Coca- Cola Company

Top MBA Colleges for Placements

There has never been a post-graduate degree more popular than the MBA. Nonetheless, selecting one’s college grades is the first step towards a successful future profession. The list of some of the best IIMs with the highest CTC available is provided below.

Name of CollegeHighest CTCAverage CTC
IIM BangaloreINR 49 LPAINR 28.9 LPA
IIM CalcuttaINR 1.3 CPAINR 34 LPA
IIM RaipurINR 42.1 LPAINR 17.7 LPA
IIM AhmedabadINR 75 LPAINR 27.5 LPA

Tips to Get Hired After Completing MBA Degree

Here are some tips on getting hired after completing an MBA which will help you moving forward:

Promote Your Skills

Talking about your career, you must remember that making a career lies in your hands. You have all the rights in the world to share it accordingly. Similarly, to get hired after completing your MBA, you should know what you want to do. To do this, you must promote your skills as well as your achievements. Being vocal about skills and achievements will help you bag a great job offer. Make sure out of all the skills, you must develop communication skills. This will help in impressing the recruiters. 

Enhance Your Skills

Just getting an MBA degree won’t help unless you have a set of skills. Although you will get a ton of opportunities to learn new skills over the course. However, you must keep polishing them throughout your life. Some skills like problem-solving skills, reflective thinking, critical thinking, logical reasoning and some skills which must be mastered to get a job. 

Socialize Yourself on Social Media

Social Media has become an integral part of our lives where people spend most of their time exploring and going through others’ feeds. So, make sure your social media is updated with all the latest details about all the time. Remember there are always people looking for people with skills. 

Another powerful job-searching place is LinkedIn, make sure your profile is updated at all times and make it look as professional as you can. Sooner or later you will get noticed. 

Explore Different Industries

Being a fresher you should be open to all types of industries. You must know that MBA is a versatile degree. It has a plethora of industries such as finance, marketing, food processing and human resource management and others. 

Create an Impressive Resume 

A resume is not just a list of academics and achievements but is also a key to unlocking better opportunities. Moreover, it is also a chance to set you apart from other candidates. Therefore, one must have an impressive resume. Keep your resume simple and make sure a part of your personality reflects. 

Top Indian Cities to Get Lucrative Jobs After MBA

One way to kick-start a great career is by moving to a city that offers both economic advantages and a good quality of life. Although MBA offers loads of specializations to choose from an MBA graduate is in demand in almost every sector. 

CityJob ScopeAverage CTC
Delhi, DelhiHuman Resource Manager, Management consultantINR 6.9 LPA
Gurgaon, HaryanaFinancial Analyst, Marketing ManagerINR 7.5 LPA
Mumbai, MaharashtraMedia executive, Digital Advertising Expert, TV producerINR 7.3 LPA
Bangalore, KarnatakaProject Manager, IT ManagerINR 7.3 LPA
Pune, MaharashtraManagement consultant, Marketing and sales managerINR 6.2 LPA
Chennai, Tamil NaduOperations Manager, Business operationsINR 6 LPA

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Which MBA job is highly paid?

Here are some of the MBA jobs that are highly paid, these include: Investment Banker, Project Manager, Consultant etc.

Can I get placement after pursuing an MBA?

Yes, there are several job opportunities available after pursuing an MBA degree. 

Is MBA good for future?

An MBA degree is one of the best degrees to pursue after graduation. 

We hope this blog provides you with all the necessary information about “ MBA job opportunites.” For more informative blogs, check out our Management Exams Section, or you can learn more about us by visiting our  Indian exams page.

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