How to Open a Salon in India and Make a Profitable Career Out of It?

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How to Open a Salon?

Salons provide beauty and relaxation that converges to create an unforgettable experience for valued clients. Salons help us to take pride in ourselves by offering a wide range of premium services, from hair styling and skincare to luxurious spa treatments. At salons, a team of highly skilled and passionate professionals is dedicated to providing personalized care and attention to the customer, ensuring that every visit leaves them feeling rejuvenated and pampered. Additionally, the salon uses only the finest products as well as state-of-the-art equipment to deliver exceptional results, tailored to your unique preferences. Today’s blog is all about how to open a salon in India and make it profitable. This will include some crucial details like required education and qualification, how to make it a profitable business and so on. Continue reading to know more about how to open a salon.

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About Small Businesses in India

Even though there are so many dominant players in the market but the future of India is heavily dependent on small businesses in India. Small businesses are those where you target a small group of customers when compared to some dominant competitors and earn revenue. Small businesses in India contribute more than 90% of the Indian economy by creating new jobs, paying taxes, increasing the literacy rate and so on for the record, even many small businesses of India have become market leaders in the current times. Examples- Reliance, Amul.

Benefits of Opening a Salon in India

There are several benefits of owning a Salon in India, especially if you are familiar with it. Now let us take at the key benefits of opening a Salon in India:

  • The demand for salon services is on the rise in India for the last few decades due to the current fashion and beauty standards and people being aware of personal grooming. Getting into such a growing field can lead to a highly profitable business.
  • One of the best things about opening a salon in India is that it is comparatively low cost when compared to other businesses, where the setup cost of other businesses can cost a lot of money.
  • Another important aspect of a salon business is that you not trying to sell any product, you are providing services and the margins of earning are significantly high.

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Services Provided at Salon

You can step into the inviting and modern space, designed to exude comfort and tranquillity, offering an oasis of serenity in the bustling city. Experience the epitome of beauty and wellness at the salon, where it will blend expertise with creativity to enhance your natural charm and boost your confidence. 

Trendy Haircut
Stunning Makeover
Blissful Spa

Types of Salon Business

Before we move on to how to open a salon in India, let us understand what types of salon business can you opt for. There are 2 major types of salon businesses and those are:

Independent Beauty Parlour 

As the name suggests you can establish a independent parlour of your own and register it as a business. With this business model, you are always the owner in charge, you have the freedom to make your own business decisions and this also reduces the operations cost significantly. 

Franchisee of a Beauty Parlour 

Buying a franchisee of any business is very common in India as the potential of getting premium and recurring customers are high and the same applies to the franchisee beauty parlour. This has its own advantages as you get a brand name and increase the earning possibility but buying a franchisee can cost a lot of money and you need to consult with the franchisee owners/ founders before making any major business decision.

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How to Open a Salon in India?

Now we will dive deep into today’s topic, how to open a salon in India. Take a look at the steps below as this can help you in taking the right decision for your career

Getting the Relevant Degrees

The most important thing before opening a salon is getting a relevant degree in this field. Although, no formal education or degree is required to open a salon in India, you at least need to have a passing certificate of 10+2 from a recognized board. Some of the relevant degrees are:

Business Plan to Make the Salon Profitable

Once you complete your education, you need to completely focus on making a business plan that can make your salon business profitable. You can choose between the two options mentioned earlier like an independent salon or buying a franchise. Depending on your desire, ethics and goal you need to choose one. A good business plan should include the arrangement of establishment costs, employee hiring and costs, rental cost and so on. You need to completely manage your funds to start earning revenue. Another thing that should be included in your business plan is that you should analyse your competitors.

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Establishment and Making the Salon Sustainable

The most common problem in an establishment is the establishment cost. Although you can solve this problem by opting for a loan you should also keep track of this liability in case you are opting for a loan. Once the funds are arranged you need to find a perfect location that is ideal for your salon business. This will help you in making your business sustainable and attract new customers. Also, you need to hire experienced professionals for this job (in case you want to cater for a large customer base) and also consider spending some amount on marketing.

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1 Which are the top colleges in India for salon management studies?

Here are some of the top colleges in India for salon management and studies:
The International Institute of Beauty and Wellness; The Academy of Beauty and Fashion and
The Priyadarshini Institute of Hair and Beauty

2 What is the cost of opening a salon in India?

This can completely depend on several factors like the place for rental, trade license, GST registration and so on. The average cost of opening a salon in India can cost around INR 5 lakh to 10 lahks.

3 Are there any licenses required to run a salon business in India?

Yes, you will need to obtain a trade license, GST registration, and a professional tax license in order to run a salon business in India.

This was everything related to How to open a salon in India. If you wish to learn more about other emerging career options out there in India follow/check out Leverage Edu Blogs.

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