Make your college application stand out from the crowd!

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stand out from the crowd
stand out from the crowd

How can you make your college application stand out from the crowd? Getting into an elite college is a dream for many, but the process has been getting more relentless ever since. With the top colleges receiving applications of the best minds from around the globe, they are now highly selective as far as admissions are concerned.

Today, exceptional grades are no more than just a factor to brighten up your chances of admission. Others include your participation in extracurricular activities, your knowledge about the industry, and a commitment to community service. With such cut-throat competition, there springs up a need for your application to

stand out from the crowd.

Here’s how you can do that:


1. Go Natural

You need to understand how to sound different while you write and how not to sound impressive, but natural. If you are genuine and thoughtful, your application will pretty much reflect your passion. It should show your commitment and sincerity towards your goal (but first, it is really important to define a goal). Keep in mind that top schools require well-rounded candidates and use this knowledge to inculcate your interests and hobbies into your application. This way you are talking about what you are good at (and that will come out pretty naturally), and also you will let the admissions team know that your knowledge goes beyond just academics.

2. Accentuate the prominent activities

There’s no specific code of conduct that will promise you an acceptance letter from your dream school. But you should know how to link what you have done to what you want to do in your application.

While it is true that the people who read and review applications come across a lot of similar activities, but if you highlight what you have learned while indulging in those activities and how unique those learning are, that’s what amplifies your chances to receive an offer letter.

“I volunteered after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays at a place called Homework Help and Hoops Tutoring. Basically, I helped tutor kids after classes on various subjects and then played games with them to reward their hard work,” said Bryce Dellamano, a sophomore at Southern Illinois University— Edwardsville to According to him, this made his application stand out as it clubbed community service and his passion for sports.

3. Avoid Overdoing

Yes, you must spend a good amount of time with your college application and it should be attractive, but that doesn’t mean you should decorate it with all the fancy input you have. Simply don’t write essays that are not genuine and inflated. Your motive should be to provide a true reflection of your own personality and nobody else’s. While something extraordinary is certain to draw great attention, if that something is not prominent to your academics, ECA interests and goals, the attention could work against you.

Also, avoid overloading your application as it may confuse or even bore the reader. Keep it crisp, concise and to the point.

While keeping these things in mind while working on your college application won’t guarantee you an accomplishment. But it is certain that you will stand out from the crowd with your application. This will increase your chances immensely. If you have any queries or doubts concerning college admissions and applications, feel free to get in touch with one of the Leverage experts. Call us on +91-8826200293

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