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Political science is that branch of the sociologies that reviews the state, legislative issues, and government. Political Science deals widely with the investigation of political systems, the hypothetical and practical applications to governmental issues, and the examination of political conduct.


The scope of political science is vast and sociologists have divided the field of political science into five sub-categories which are:

  • Political Theory
  • Public Administration
  • Comparative Politics
  • International relations
  • Public Law

It needs to be noted that these categories include the entire gamut of the current political economy and provide the basis for the research and understanding of how the global political economic system works.


The significance of political science lies in the way that all of us stay in a political framework and that we are influenced by the adjustments in the global political economy. With the increase in globalization, there has also been a corresponding increase in the intrigue taken by the people across the globe to understand the political frameworks of different nations. There are various universities which provide graduate and higher-level programs in political science and over the years, because of the increased interest in political science as a field of study, there are many aspirants for these courses.

A degree in political science can lead you to wide options for careers. A large number of these will manage legislative issues somehow. Politics could be said to manage questions concerning the organization and legislature of society. Many political science graduates go on to further study law and later get some experience in reviewing the legislation proposal, and studying their potential impact on the society. These can also be relevant to work within many international organizations, NGOs, consultancies and other relevant areas. Additionally, many Political Science graduates continue on to further study in law or communication as stated above.

Rigorous coursework, independent research and a final Masters thesis project are the basis of Masters in Political Science. Below mentioned are a list of a few career prospects post studying Political Science:

  • Foreign Service

Diplomacy is undoubtedly the best international career option. The Foreign Service is primarily related to the minority recruitment over the past few years, and such applications are particularly encouraged. Environmental and scientific expertise are increasingly used as well. Foreign language competence is required, although not necessarily at entry; nonetheless, it makes sense to achieve competency before the exams.

  • Government Agencies

Students having a degree in political sciences may also look forward to working with the government bodies and help in the legislative policy development which can indirectly help gain a lot of experience in the relative field.

  • Private Sector

There are a number of multinational organizations and also some consulting firms which have a wide scope for people with the political science background.

  • Teaching & Research

Faculty job within departments, generally are structured around the major disciplines like economics, political science, and history. Their job consists of teaching (communicating skills and knowledge to students) and research (creating new knowledge and communicating it to others). The faculty of the universities usually has the freedom to select what they will research and teach, hence enabling them to develop specialized knowledge in a wide variety of areas.

The depth and range of the political science courses offered by many good international universities are considered to be very good. Many degree courses offer the opportunity to undertake some internships to get practical exposure. A number of graduates go on to further study, or work and study, by choosing to specialize in a field, or widen their opportunities in order to move into careers such as law, journalism or teaching.

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