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Every day, we hear about innovations which tend to change the way we process information, communicate and learn. Five years ago, however, higher education was not seen as a field that could make meaningful use of technology. Social work education, in particular, was ripe for reinvention.

In my previous blog, I had discussed the Social Entrepreneur program and the career prospects which you may refer to, using the following links http://blog.leverageedu.com/2017/07/21/mba-in-social-entrepreneurship-a-unique-opportunity-for-college-seniors/

Today, we would talk about study prospects in Social work. Social Work is a relatively young profession in India. Over the years, the social service sector has progressed and the social worker has now become a promising career for the next generation which aspires to work with people from diverse backgrounds in order to promote and facilitate positive changes in their lives. This program aims to equip students for entry into the social work profession. The program is designed to develop your knowledge and skills as positive change agents in society and in the lives of the individuals, families, and communities you serve. The program also prepares students for indirect social work in the areas of social policy, planning, and evaluation. The graduates can look forward to amazing careers in family service centers, children and youth centers, hospitals, hospices and other community or social service agencies.

Major topics covered by Social work Programme along with business studies:

  • Development of Social Work and Social Services
  • Human Growth and Life-Span Development (Birth to Adolescence)
  • Human Growth and Life-Span Development (Adulthood to Old Age)
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Helping Professionals
  • Reflective Practice and Cultural Competencies
  • Families and Their Issues
  • Poverty and Social Inequality
  • Community Engagement and Development

Career Prospects: Social work is one of those careers in which you can truly make a difference in people’s lives. A Social Work degree can open many doors and show others you have not only the knowledge and the skills but also the compassion and dedication necessary to work in such an important field. There are many positions a graduate who earns a Social work degree can fulfill, but here are five of the most popular social work careers:

  1. Medical/Public Health

Social workers who work in the field of medicine are always in high demand. It is projected that the number of jobs in medical/public health social work will grow by 22 percent through 2018, the highest rate in the social work field. Medical or public health social workers are able to work in any center which provides care to patients as well as hospitals, emergency rooms, hospices, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, assisted living facilities and home health agencies. They work with patients to ensure they are being cared for properly, facilitate communication between them and their caregivers, and assist with paperwork and decision-making. Medical or public health social workers are a great source of comfort to the patients who fight for their rights.

  1. Substance Abuse:

Substance abuse social workers are employed in a variety of venues, including rehabilitation facilities, prisons, private practices, for and non-profit organizations, and juvenile detention facilities. Since addiction is extremely hard to treat, it is known to be one of the most emotionally demanding areas of social work. People struggling with addiction need patience and compassion and navigating mood swings, relapses and anger require a great deal of dedication. However, when you are helping someone in recovery and you can play a really vital role in their lives, the feelings are extremely satisfactory. As the legal system places greater emphasis on recovery and rehabilitation, jobs in this area are expected to grow at a rate of 20 percent through 2018.

  1. Mental Health:

Many mental health social workers provide therapy which requires advanced education as well as licensure as a clinical social worker (LCSW). As a mental health social worker – or clinical social worker – there is a diverse range of mental health services you can provide. You can probably start working in some community mental health centers, private practices, hospitals and even schools. You assess your clients’ mental health, diagnose mental disorders, develop treatment plans and assist in the daily living of those with mental disorders.

  1. Child Welfare:

Child welfare is an area of social work wherein sensitivity, compassion and a love of children is required at all costs. Child welfare social workers provide services to children who are abused and neglected by their parents or to children from lower-income families who cannot afford to properly care for them. Many child welfare workers work with the child protective services to investigate reports on child abuse & neglect and intervene when a child’s home environment is deemed unsafe. As a child welfare social worker, you would meet regularly with children and families to assess conditions in the home and report on the care a child is receiving. As and when need be, the child welfare workers would facilitate the rescuing that child and move them to a safer alternative environment. The child welfare social work field is expected to grow more at a rate of 12 percent through 2018.

  1. School Social Work:

School social work is one of the most common areas in the field, and there are different areas and capacities where a school social worker can work. As a school social worker, you are a liaison between the school and students’ families, essentially bridging children’s personal lives and education to make sure their needs are being met. You can function as a guidance counselor and also work with special needs children to facilitate their integration into mainstream classes. You are responsible for addressing a number of school issues, such as behavioral intervention programs, truancy prevention programs, sexual education, health education, crisis intervention and effective communication between parents, teachers, and students.

Social work provides truly diverse and exciting employment opportunities. Earning a degree in Social Work will help open doors to even more opportunities in the field and help you earn a higher salary. If you are interested in furthering your education or changing careers to work in the field of social work for the first time, earning your degree can help you to develop your skills and gain the experience necessary to move forward in your career.

– Team Leverage

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