2 January: PTE Essay Topics- Who is responsible for solving the environmental crisis? Is it the government, organization, or each individual?

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Who is responsible for solving the environmental crisis? Is it the government, organization, or each individual?

Q- The environment we are living in is in danger due to various problems…so who do you think should be responsible for solving it? Is it the government, organization, or each individual?

A- In this thriving world, the monster of environmental degradation is definitely closing in. The dangers of pollution harm every single person, and with each passing minute, they are paying the price. Who is in charge of protecting the environment is a topic of discussion that is gaining a lot of traction. The responsibility to protect the environment falls equally on the government, organizations, and people. The paragraphs that follow describe the causes.

Let’s begin by discussing how the government can improve the environment. Because massive sums of money are required for projects to be completed to change this poor situation, the government can function effectively. With the help of the government’s efficient tactics, pollution’s black sheets can be eliminated. The government can persuade the public to protect the environment by scaring them with severe fines. In addition to this, the government’s responsibility to protect humanity is its only obligation.

Organizations are capable of great things in this admirable cause. The organizations’ financial standing is excellent; therefore, they can assist humanity in solving this issue. Additionally, it’s crucial that organizations raise awareness. Additionally, in the context of people, they may prevent the issue from taking over the world by maintaining a watch on their behavior. The activities of individuals motivate their neighbors to take care of the environment. Humans are the ones who have ruined the ecosystem; thus, their involvement is very necessary to make things better.

Overall, it is sensible to state that everyone should contribute equally to preventing environmental destruction, including the government, organizations, and individuals. A single person cannot handle this enormous peril.

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