9 January: PTE Essay Topics- Successful sports stars and glamorous film stars are role models for youngsters.

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Successful sports stars and glamorous film stars are role models for youngsters.

Q- Successful sports stars and glamorous film stars are role models for youngsters. Do you support it or not? (Agree/Disagree)

A- The modern world is evolving as quickly as a flash and people’s preferences and choices are also subject to change in accordance with the changing times. Nowadays, young people are more likely to model their personalities after athletes and movie stars. They attempt to imitate whatever they do because they find inspiration in their way of life. I wholeheartedly agree that celebrities have a huge influence on young people.

To initiate with, the idea of maintaining a high lifestyle in accordance with the film stars captures the attention of young people as an initial effect of successful film stars. To improve their quality of life, they want to make their careers bright. Furthermore, youth frequently feel glad to emulate the fashion sense of superstars. High school kids and recent grads are mesmerized by their luxurious dresses, hairstyles, and vehicles. For instance, in the 1990s, young people mimicked the hairdo of Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan.

Additionally, sports celebrities have an impact on how the general public thinks. In order to stay active and healthy, adolescents choose the path of effort and adversity by imitating successful and diligent athletes. The common youth are inspired to add to their nation’s brilliance by the celebrities who achieve recognition for their nation. Furthermore, the charitable effort carried out by well-known individuals ignites the flame of philanthropic activities that are very beneficial to society.

Overall, the media has a significant influence on how many young people become fans of famous people. While hero-worshipping has its own perks as mentioned above, it has its own share of drawbacks too. Hence, it can be concluded that the practice of following celebrities can be utilized to their advantage if they choose an appropriate course of action. 

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