PTE Accepting Universities in UK

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PTE accepting universities in UK

Every year, thousands of students plan to study abroad and may be perplexed about which standardised English language exam to take. Pearson’s Test of English, also known as PTE, is a prominent English language proficiency test, similar to TOEFL and IELTS. This prestigious English Language Test is held for students seeking admission to a college or university in another country. The PTE Academic Exam is administered by Pearson PLC Group and consists of four sections: speaking, writing, listening and reading. This article will go over the PTE accepting universities in UK as well as the PTE score for the UK. Currently, over 400 universities in the UK accept the PTE score, including some of the most prestigious universities such as Warwick, Bath, East Anglia, and the London Business School.

PTE Overview

The PTE Academic is a two-hour computer-based exam. The exam assesses your ability to communicate in English in real-life situations. A single testing session includes twenty different types of questions, divided into 3 parts. 

  • Part 1- Speaking and Writing (54-67 minutes) 

The Academic Speaking and Writing section of the PTE exam assesses both the candidate’s speaking and writing abilities. While the speaking section includes questions about communication in an academic learning environment, the writing section looks at the written text in a variety of ways. Some sections of testing in this part are a personal introduction, describing an image, short questions, essays etc. 

  • Part 2 – Reading (29-30 minutes)

This section tests the reading ability of students. Some sections of testing in this part include Filling in the blanks, MCQs, reordering paragraphs, and reading and writing fill-in-the-blanks.

  • Part 3- Listening (30-43 minutes)

This section tests the listening ability of students. Some testing sections in this part include summarizing the spoken test, selecting the missing word, MCQs, filling in the blanks, and writing from dictation.

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PTE Accepting Universities in UK List

For UK universities, a specific PTE score is required. There are even PTE 50 accepted universities in the United Kingdom. Let us look at the universities to learn more about the UK PTE score requirements in various universities:

Name of University PTE Score requirements
University of Chester 51-57
The University of Essex 40-58
Middlesex University 51-58
Sheffield Hallam University 51-67
Cardiff University 36-78
The University of Leicester 36-56
Swansea University 56-67
Solent University 36-61
The University of Stirling 51-54
The University of Liverpool 51-62
Bangor University 56-67
The University of Aberdeen 51-54
University of Wolverhampton 51-54
University of York 55-61
University College Birmingham 45-65
The University of Bolton 50-65
University of Leeds 60-64
Coventry University 59
University of Glasgow 59-70
The Manchester Metropolitan University 59-61
Teesside University 51-56
The University of Northampton 56-61
Anglia Ruskin University 51-57
Edinburgh Napier University 51-56
Ravensbourne University London 36-50
The University of Lancaster 50-70
Liverpool Hope University 51-58
The University of Birmingham  51-67
SOAS University of London 60-65
De Montfort University 51-58
University of Hertfordshire 51-58
University of Warwick 62-79
University of Strathclyde 51-57
New Castle University 54-69
The University of East London 51-62
Kingston University 30-77
University of Sunderland 59
University of Oxford 66
University of Manchester 51
King’s College London 62
Oxford Brooke University 51
University of Kent 65-68
University of the Arts 51-58
University of Nottingham 51-55
University of Surrey 42-73
Birmingham City University 43-76
The University of Chichester 43-64
University of Portsmouth 51-61
University of Gloucestershire 51-67
University of Bristol 60
University of Westminster 55-58
University of Sheffield 56-61
University of Durham 58-64
The University of Exeter 58-73
Cranfield University 65
Falmouth University 51-55
The University of Bradford 51-55

PTE for UK Visa

Candidates seeking to study PTE accepting universities in UK must have an overall PTE score of 59. The UK Student Visa, previously known as the Tier 4 General Student Visa, is for one year or more programmes. Here is the classification of PTE for the UK visa:

Visa Type Minimum PTE Score PTE Test Type
Student’s Visa (below degree level) 43 or above PTE Academic UKVI
Student’s Visa (degree level and above) 59 or above PTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI

PTE Registration and Exam fee

PTE registration is done online. To register for the PTE exam 2023, you must have a valid ID – a valid Indian passport.

On average, the PTE Academic exam costs Rs.14,700. If a candidate schedules their PTE exam less than 48 hours before the PTE test date, they must pay a PTE Late Booking Fee.

A high PTE score will increase your chances of admission to the college of your choice. Knowing the exact entry requirements for each college will allow you to better plan your study strategy. Now that we know the UK PTE requirements for various universities, we should begin our preparations to achieve the highest possible score.

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Q1. Is PTE accepted in UK universities?

Ans: The PTE Academic is accepted by 99% of UK universities. Nonetheless, the entry requirements for each are slightly different. However, as a general rule, for programmes below the degree level, such as a foundation programme, you must demonstrate a CEFR B1 level of English.

Q2. Is PTE accepted for a UK visa?

Ans: The United Kingdom Home Office accepts PTE for all visa and immigration applications.

Q3. How many PTE scores are required for the UK?

Ans: Candidates seeking to study in the UK must have an overall PTE score of 59. The UK Student Visa, formerly known as the Tier 4 General Student Visa, is for one year or more programmes.

Q4. Is PTE Online accepted in the UK?

Ans: The best option is if you want to study, work, or settle in the United Kingdom. 99% of UK universities accept our PTE tests, as do all UK visa and immigration applications. PTE is an option if you want to study, work, or live in the UK.

This was all you need to know about PTE accepting universities in UK! To help you with your PTE or any other English proficiency test, or your study abroad path, do connect with Leverage Edu. For further information, you can also reach out to 1800 57 2000.

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