Immigration to the UK reaches a new high

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39 percent arrived on student visas, while 21 percent of immigrants entered the country on a work visa.

According to data publicly released by the British Office for National Statistics (ONS), there were 504,000 more inhabitants due to migration, which is determined by excluding data on long-term immigration and emigration in the UK

The statistic, which is current as of June, shows a considerable increase over the 173,000 immigrants who were registered the previous year including international students. Guy Lindup, director of the Center for International Migratory at the Office for National Statistics, noted that a number of events throughout the world have impacted migration trends that “taken together, are unprecedented.”

Immigration to the UK reaches a new high
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When net migration hit 330,000 persons in the UK in 2015—the year of Europe’s major migration crisis—it broke the previous record. According to the Census Bureau, the rise of new immigrants increased due to the international students who arrived after the pandemic. 

Recently, the British Council announced its Going Global Asia Pacific Conference to be held in Singapore. The conference seeks to provide leaders in international education with a strategic setting for knowledge exchange and the development of a worldwide network that will have an impact on the direction of higher education globally. 

The conference will concentrate on study abroad, particularly how to seek equality in an uneven society, in the UK and the Asia-Pacific area. This theme is important at a time when global pandemic-related educational opportunity disparities are on the rise. The conference seeks to rethink the future of education and build better, more inclusive, globally connected educational institutions through the sharing of knowledge and ideas in order to benefit hundreds of millions of people in the UK and Asia-Pacific region.

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