This Day in History – February 25

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February 25

“If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree.” These words of Michael Crichton hold much significance and prompt us to think about the past and our shared history. Let us celebrate the history, acknowledge how profound its impact is on our daily lives and go down memory lane to see what all happened today on this day in history – February 25. 

Historic Events in India That Happened on 25th February

February 25
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1910: Dalai Lama sought refuge
On this day, the 13th Dalai Lama fled from Tibet and took refuge in India to escape the Chinese on February 25, 1910.
1962: Congress Party Won
The Indian Congress Party led by Jawaharlal Nehru won the third general elections in India.
2012: India became free of polio
India was declared polio-free and removed by the WHO from the list of polio-endemic countries on February 25, 2012.
2019: National War Memorial
Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the National War Memorial in memory of Indian soldiers who died in service to the nation.

Historic Events Around the World on 25th February

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138 BC: Antoninus Pius
On February 25, 138 BC, the reigning Roman Emperor Hadrian adopted his successor, Antoninus Pius.
1336: Mass Suicides
On this day, the people of Pilėnai, modern-day Lithuania, committed mass suicide rather than surrender to their enemies, Teutonic Knights.
1570: Queen Elizabeth Ⅰ Excommunicated 
Pope Pius V excommunicated Queen Elizabeth Ⅰ of England and released her subjects from obedience and adherence to the Crown on February 25 1570. 
1634:  Albrecht von Waldstein
Albrecht von Waldstein, the Bohemian military leader and an important figure during the Thirty Years War, was assassinated on February 25, 1634.
1776: Aberdeen Occupied
The Duke of Cumberland arrived in Aberdeen, Scotland, with his army.
1890: Hernani – Play
Hernani was a drama which was written by the famous French author Victor Hugo. It premiered for the first time in Paris on February 25, 1890.
1837: First Electric Patent
Thomas Davenport, the inventor of the electric motor, was the first to patent a piece of electric equipment in the US.
1912: Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
Marie-Adélaïde became the first Grand Duchess of Luxembourg on February 25, 1912. She ruled throughout the First World War and was later abdicated in 1919.
1921: Tbilisi Captured
The infamous Red Army Invasion of Georgia began in mid- February, which led to capturing the capital Tbilisi by the Russian forces. They declared it the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic on this day.
1925: Glacier Bay
US President Coolidge claimed Glacier Bay’s area to establish a national monument on February 25, 1925.
1932: Hilter got German citizenship
Born in Austria, Adolf Hilter obtained his German citizenship on February 25, 1932, in order to advance his political career in the country.
1945: Turkey declared war
A historic moment in history when Turkey officially entered the Second World War and declared war on Germany.
1956: Khrushchev denounced Stalin
The Soviet leader criticised Joseph Stalin’s reign in his famous speech on this historic day on February 25, 1956.
1960: Toys in the Attic Premiered
The famous play by Lillian Hellman premiered at the Hudson Theatre In New York City.
1986: Filipino President fled
After losing to Corazon Aquino in the Presidential elections, Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos fled to Hawaii with his family on February 25, 1986.
1988: South Korea adopted the Constitution
The Constitution of the Sixth Republic came into effect on this historic day in South Korea.
1992: Khojaly genocide
Over 600 Azerbaijani civilians were murdered by Armenian forces during the course of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict on February 25, 1992.
2013: Italy Common Good won
In the Italian general elections, the centre-left alliance called Italy Common Good won a majority.

List of Important Birthdays

1841: Pierre-Auguste Renoir 
Pierre-Auguste Renoir, the famous French artist and sculptor was born on February 25, 1841. He was largely associated with Impressionism and his contributions to the trend. 

1894: Meher Baba
A renowned Indian spiritual leader with millions of followers across the world.

1943: George Harrison
The iconic English singer, songwriter, musician and lead guitarist of the Beatles was born in Liverpool, England on February 25, 1943.

1948: Danny Denzongpa
Danny Denzongpa is a famous Indian actor and renowned Padma Shri winner. He has appeared in various Hindi films and worked in various regional productions.  

1976: Rashida Jones
The American actress, writer, director and producer was born on February 25, 1976.  Rashia Jones is famous for her work in American sitcoms like Parks and Recreation and The Office.

1981: Shahid Kapoor
The child actor who is now megastar; Popularly known for his roles in movies like Jab We Met and Kabir Singh was born on 25th February 1981.

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