Favourite Four

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Terrific chat, such brilliant insights @pacificleo @rahulchandra77
-> https://youtu.be/lFUjTTdGnZI

 Favourite 4:👉[[QR Codes]] – add WhatsApp by QR; reminded me of how in Beijing folks used @LinkedIn via its “location (nearby) + QR” feature👉[[SMB Usecase]] – “तकाजा करना”..  

..”तकाजा करना” = the shopkeeper “knows” how much you are worth, and how much is your father worth > sends credit reminders in accordance, intuitively :

👉[[Social Apps]] – what @TikTok_IN had won; mini star who wants to be famous, but doesn’t want to be identified – aka wants followers, comments, online fame – but not recognition on the road – which is what happened with the post TikTok apps, hence: ➡️  feed relevance beyond 500 kms / something TikTok def figured out for 🇮🇳..

👉Navigation by Orientation & NOT Identification, aka these are the 6 places I have to tap at, & the phone will unlock / share the video / do xyz action 🙂 – “by orientation” (picked up 🧰 ‘coz earlier apps in Mandarin had to be figured out like this, identification being hard!) ^ can be seen in kids too, 
cc: @SadashivaNT 🙂

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