What Comes After Hiring A-Class Talent? Retaining Them ⭐️

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Organizations across the globe reach excellence by making each department unique and remarkable. However, along with hiring the most suitable and dynamic candidates, several factors contribute to upscale their growth. It is also crucial that the management takes measures to retain their A-class candidates. Building a talented and passionate network of professionals is not enough. What follows right #hiring at startups, is #retaining A-class talent ⭐️ – for which:

  • You need a workplace that sets clear expectations and happy managers invested in their employee’s professional growth 📈
  • An empowering space with sound functional + industry training to take on daily challenges
  • Ability to share “as is”, at the start & then later in every feedback ~ promote directness, transparency, meritocracy and honesty!
  • Measuring performance and deliverables (& being honest, v/s being polite) ~ transgress the work politics and biases.
  • Commitment to regular Reviews (like Mondays at Leverage Edu) ~ over-communicate
  • Learning Opportunities (& a culture that supports individual growth)
  • Townhalls 🔊 ~ an opportunity to be heard and connect with your collegueas
  • Company Wiki 📃~ a creative, collaborative and compassionate space to brainstorm, share and organise internal knowlegde of the company
  • A work enviroment that allows easy inter-department movement and potential to grow into a true HUSTLER!
  • Strong Incentive Schemes + ESOPs 💰~ Build a self- motivating culture that promotes massive owership and competitive salaries to bring out the best in YOU!
  • Work hard, PARTY HARDER! Develop an environment that strives to create a cool balance between work and fun! 🚨

With a lot of cheer,
Akshay Chaturvedi
Founder & CEO
Leverage Edu

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