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Name the Country

The countries who out-educate us today will out-compete us tomorrow. – Barack Obama. In addition to providing us world-class education, leading study abroad destinations shape our future and make us global citizens. Wondering if you are ready to take on the world and know all about these countries? Take this exclusive fact quiz on ‘Countries of the World’ and find out for yourself! Ready?


#1. Often called the ‘Melting Pot’ which country is home to one of the highest ranked universities for student satisfaction?

Sorry! The answer is USA

#2. Which of the following is counted amongst the most student friendly countries globally and is also called the ‘Great White North’?

Whoops! It’s Canada!

#3. I am known for being the “Lion City’ and also having a perfect blend of a modern-cultural education. Who am I?

That’s the wrong answer! The correct option is Singapore

#4. Famously known as the ‘the city of gold’ which country is also famous for its rich business ventures and studies?

That’s a wrong guess, it’s Dubai!

#5. Known for its creative courses, which country's name literally translates as ‘fragrant harbour’?

Uh oh! The correct answer is Hong Kong

#6. Which city located near the elite University of Cambridge was also a major filming location of the Harry Potter film series?

That’s a miss! Its London

#7. Famous for its Kangaroo Island, which country is also the safest country for students?

Sorry, that’s wrong! The answer is Australia

#8. Also considered as the best place to learn ballet in the world, the largest country of the world is?

Oops! The correct option is Russia

#9. Also known as the ‘middle kingdom’, which country is famous for mass production of goods?

Incorrect option! Its China

#10. I am the country where the Titanic came alive. I am also the home to the famous Trinity College. Who am I?

Oh no! That’s wrong! The answer is Ireland


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