Coquitlam College

Private University

Coquitlam, British Columbia Canada

Coquitlam College was founded in 1982 in Coquitlam, British Columbia with an aim to provide affordable and finest education to the natives of British Columbia the migrants living in it. Started as the International School in 1982, the college used to offer only high school and first-second year univ Read more

Highlights of Coquitlam College

  • Coquitlam College  is one of the two colleges to support the university BT System in British Columbia. 
  • In Coquitlam College, students can pursue high school and University transfer courses simultaneously. 
  • The credits acquired through the Coquitlam College’s programs are valid in the universities of the USA. 
  • The clubs in Coquitlam College include Art Club, Ballroom Dancing, Computer Club, Dance Club, Guitar Club, Karaoke Club, Mahjong Club, Math Club, Meditation Club, Movie Club, Music Club, Newspaper Club, Public Speaking Club, Recycling Club, Singing Group, Social Group and Student Committee
  • The students at Coquitlam College organizes many activities including Graduation Ceremony, Hiking, Bowling, Camping Trip, Horseback Riding, Ice Skating, Kayaking, Live Theatre, Multicultural Day, Ski & Snowboarding Trip and Victoria City Trip and Awards Ceremony.
  • The Coquitlam College has a library which has a collection of more than thousands of books and journals. 

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