Bauhaus University

Public University

Wiemar, Germany

Bauhaus University was established in 1860, in Weimar, Germany. It specializes in the artistic and technical fields of study. It was first established as the Grand Ducal Saxon Art School, and only became a public educational institution in 1902 and became a college in 1910. ‘Bauhaus’ represents an Read more

Highlights of Bauhaus University

  • The library at the Bauhaus University Weimar has over 5000 square meter of floor space and has a collection of around 488,500 books.
  • The equal opportunity office at the university ensures that people of all genders are given access to equal career opportunities.
  • Application fee is 100 euros.
  • The academic calendar at Bauhaus University, Weimar is semester based and student intake is in summer and winter.

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