Study Abroad in Russia: Rise in number of Overseas Students at Ural Federal University

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Results announced for Open Doors International Olympiad for foreign masters and PhD students. 1,700 students participated in the Olympiad and became winners. Now, these students will get the right to study for free in Russia. 

Ural Federal University is planning to increase applications for postgraduate study programs. The quota for overseas students at Russian universities will increase by up to 30,000 students. Henceforth, Russia will come in one of the top 5 countries for enrolling overseas students. Ural Federal University (UrFu) has become the leader of Russian higher education in terms of the number of students admitted in 2021. 

As per the trend in the 2022 admission campaign, approximately 1,770 overseas students were admitted to the Ural Federal University (UrFu). As per the previous year, this was less than 15%. However, there have been major changes in the proportion of overseas students. Over 65% of new international students are non-CIS citizens as compared to 44% in the year 2021. Moreover, a major increase in the number of overseas students is from Latin America, Indonesia and Egypt. 

Study Abroad in Russia: Rise in number of Overseas Students at Ural Federal University

Furthermore, when talking about the choice of educational programs. There is an expectancy and tendency of growing interest in human sciences among students from Asian countries

and interest in technical specialities among students from middle eastern countries. 

Also, in the Caribbean and in Latin America the popularity of Russian education is growing at a high pace. Additionally, the Ural Federal University intends to increase the proportion of overseas students as part of the “Priority 2023” program. And now it will reflect steady growth in the number of foreign first-year students who will be entering the master’s program.  Additionally, this is one of the main objectives of the university’s international activities. 

Furthermore, was seen possible development of these trends and an expansion of the total number of overseas students and further promotion of Ural Federal University (UrFu) is a new educational market. 
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