GMAT to GRE Conversion

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GMAT to GRE Conversion

Both the GMAT and GRE are entry-level entrance examinations conducted by separate bodies to evaluate candidates seeking master-level study abroad opportunities. Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is preferred by MBA aspirants, whereas, GRE is usually taken up by candidates willing to pursue STEM Courses. GRE vs GMAT: Which is a better option? This is a question that bugs the majority of outbound Indian students. But did you know that GRE and GMAT scores are Convertable? If you are looking for answers to Which GRE score is equivalent to GMAT score? Or Can the GMAT score be converted to GRE? You have come to the right place, read on to know all about GMAT to GRE conversion!


Parameters GRE GMAT
Total Duration 3 hours and 45 minutes (with a 10-minute break after the third section) 3 hours 30 minutes (including two optional 8-minute breaks)
Syllabus Analytical WritingVerbal ReasoningQuantitative Reasoning Quantitative ReasoningVerbal ReasoningIntegrated ReasoningAnalytical Writing Assessment
Score range Cannot be combined to form a total score as each section is scored separately Total score range is 200 to 800, in 10-point increments.
Test format Section-level adaptive Question-level adaptive

GRE and GMAT Scores: Overview

GMAT aims to test the basics of Algebra, Geometry, Data Analysis, and Arithmetic along with the skills related to English Grammar. It is bifurcated into four sections which are Quantitative, Verbal, Analytical Writing Assessment, and Integrated Reasoning. On the other hand, GRE, which is conducted by the Educational Testing Service is divided into three sections- Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. Score conversion comes in handy when candidates are not sure about the proficiency exam that will be taken in order to apply for a particular graduate school. 

The GMAT and GRE exams don’t have a standard scoring system. Both are adaptive, and your scores are determined not only by how many questions you get right but also by how many simple, complex, and medium-level questions you get right. Your profile is now in the percentile score range rather than the percentage score range.

Therefore, if your score is, let’s say, 640 after a year, you could receive a 96% percentile. Someone else with the same score could receive a 99% or 89% percentile the following year. Everything is based on how well the other candidates in your batch

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Reporting of GMAT to GRE scores

Score Reporting 

GRE and GMAT both are standardised tests on the basis of which admission is given to students in universities in the USA and other countries as well. Looking back at history, GMAT has been the preferred choice of business schools for gauging students for admission in graduate management programs. On the other hand, to broaden the number of students and increase their diversity, many top business schools prefer the scores of GRE. there are some differences between the two tests, you can see them here in the table below: 

Parameter GMAT  GRE 
Format  4 sections 
Quantitative Reasoning (6-51)
Verbal Reasoning(6-51)
Analytical Writing Assessment
(0-6 in 0.5-point increments)
Integrated Reasoning(1-8)
3 sections 
Quantitative Ability(130-170)
Verbal Ability (130-170)
Analytical Writing
(0-6 in 0.5-point increments)
Adaptiveness Question Adaptive  Section Adaptive
Testing Time  3 hours 7 minutes  3 hours 45 minutes 

For the GMAT exam, Verbal and Quant scores are separately reported. They are scaled to calculate your cumulative GMAT score. The Quant and Verbal scores can range anywhere between 6-51 and the scaled cumulative score ranges from 200-800. 

However, the GRE exam has the Quant and Verbal scores reported separately and ranges between 130-170. These scores are further added to your cumulative GRE score. 

Comparing Raw and Scaled Scores 

The organisation wish has developed the GRE exam, ETS, has developed a tool which converts GRE scores to GMAT equivalent scores. This comparison is helpful in predicting the GMAT total Verbal and Quantitative scores by using their GRE verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning scores. 

GMAT to GRE Conversion Table

ETS, the conducting body of the GRE, has a conversion table tool for candidates wanting to find their equivalent GMAT scores. Here is a sample chart that showcases the conversion from GMAT Score to GRE Score: 

Those who want to find their GMAT to GRE score equivalent can also contact Leverage Edu for the same. 

GMAT to GRE Conversion- Formula 

If you want to gauge how the above-mentioned table has been deduced then, here is the formula for GMAT to GRE Conversion: 

-2080.75+ GMAT to GRE Conversion(6.38* GRE Verbal Reasoning score) + (10.62* GRE Quantitative Reasoning score)

This is a linear regression formula which involves the GRE Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning score independently and the predicting parameters to calculate the GMAT score.

The correlation between the dependent and independent variables of the formulas is 9.16, which is pretty decent. Although the converted score is not 100% accurate as there are some approximations involved in solving it.

Section Wise Conversion

The scores mentioned in the tables will not exactly match the score you will get when you will manually use this formula to calculate your score. There are possibilities that candidates may get their GMAT score below 200 or even above 800. The scores of the conversion table above have been rounded off so that it falls between the score bracket of 200-800. 

Quant Section

GRE Quant Score  GMAT Quant Score
130 3
131 4
132 5
133 6
134 7
135 8
136 9
137 10
138 11
139 12
140 13
141 14
142 15
143 16
144 17
145 18
146 19
147 20
148 21

Verbal Section

[optin-monster-shortcode id=”xf2mlnjiouddzrshykdb”]
GRE Verbal Score GMAT Verbal Score
130 9
131 10
132 11
133 12
134 13
135 14
136 15
137 16
138 17
139 18
140 19
141 20
142 21
143 22
144 23
145 24
146 25
147 26
148 27

GMAT to GRE Conversion- Percentile 

Since there is a difference in the number of students appearing for the exam in both the GRE and GMAT, there are certain limitations to the formula. GRE exam targets courses which are non-MBA, involving a distinct set of qualities from the enrolled students. For GMAT to GRE Conversion,  it is obvious to not assume that GRE 90 percentile is equivalent to GMAT 90 percentile. Below are the tables depicting the range of percentile scores for GMAT to GRE.

Verbal Reasoning Percentile Comparison 

Percentile  GMAT (0-60) GRE (130-170)
99 51-60 169-170
0 0-6 130

Quantitative Reasoning Percentile Comparison 

Percentile  GMAT (0-60) GRE (130-170)
97 51 170
0 6 132

The table below displays the typical GRE and GMAT scores of the incoming class at the top 15 business schools. The table below should assist you in choosing a target score for the GMAT or GRE, depending on which exam you decide to take, if you are aiming for one of the top 15 business schools.

Business school GMAT Score(2023 Class) GRE Score(2023 intake) GRE Verbal GRE Quant
Stanford GSB 738 330 165 165
Wharton School of Business 740 324 162 162
Chicago Booth School of Business 732 325 162 163
Kellogg School of Management 727 327 162 165
Harvard Business School 730 327 163 164
MIT Sloan School of Management 730 325 162 163
Columbia University 729 NA
UC Berkeley Haas 726 323 161 162
Yale School of Management 730 331 166 165
Tuck School of Business 724 324 162 162
Duke Fuqua School of Business 710 317 NA NA
Michigan Ross School of Business 722 320 160 160
Darden School of Business 715 321 NA NA
McCombs School of Business 704 318 159 159
University of Washington 704 321 161 160

GRE or GMAT – which is more preferred?

Test results are just one component of a comprehensive evaluation process used by schools to assess applicants on a variety of criteria. Schools unfamiliar with the GRE Test still favour applicants who report GMAT scores, despite the GMAT having previously been the standard test for admission into graduate management programmes.

Our advice is to stick with the GMAT if you haven’t taken either exam yet. Just because it is more widely accepted and because the GMAC developed the GMAT with the express purpose of assessing the skills necessary for business schools. Recall that the GMAC collaborates with top business schools to continually assess and comprehend the competencies that employers seek in applicants.

The GRE, while a market leader in graduate admission tests, is designed to serve a broader range of test takers and graduate programmes. As a result, the GMAT appears to be a better option.

Taking the GMAT demonstrates your dedication to business schools and your decision to pursue graduate management education. Reporting GRE scores may indicate indecision to adcoms about your programme selection or even a


Can GMAT score be converted to GRE?

Formula for Conversion of GRE to GMAT Scores
GMAT Verbal Score = 0.912109.49 on the Verbal Reasoning portion of the GRE. GMAT Quantitative Score = 1.243158.42 on the GRE for Quantitative Reasoning.

Is GMAT or GRE tougher?

According to experts, the GMAT’s quantitative questions are typically more challenging than the GRE’s. Thus, Dan Edmonds, a test-prep tutor with IvyWise, wrote in an email, “Students with stronger math skills may want to take the GMAT in order to demonstrate those skills.

Do top MBA programs prefer GMAT or GRE?

Numerous prestigious business schools, including the Wharton School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and Harvard Business School, are very clear that they do not favour the GMAT over the GRE and vice versa. However, many of these business schools convert the GRE to the GMAT score in order to compare MBA applications in an objective manner.

We hope that through this blog you are able to do your GMAT to GRE Conversion. If you are preparing for GMAT or GRE exam and want to study abroad, contact Leverage Edu and we can provide comprehensive coaching to excel in these exams. Hurry up! Sign up at our page to avail a free career counselling session of 30 minutes.

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