Why Choose UoB Dubai: Fees, Ranking, Acceptance Rate, Scholarships, Special Features

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Why Choose UOB Dubai?

The University of Birmingham (UoB) Dubai is a global university with an outstanding reputation. It offers courses of all academic levels- Undergraduate, Graduate, and Postgraduate in various academic disciplines. The faculty of UoB Dubai imparts theoretical and practical knowledge using the latest research and technologies. Graduates from this university enable students to gain employment in some of the prominent organisations and become prominent scholars/academicians/teachers/researchers of tomorrow. This highly acclaimed institution ensures that its students become agents of change and help in accelerating society toward a better future. 


Why Choose UoB Dubai?

UoB Dubai is the branch of one of the most eminent institutions in the world- the University of Birmingham, UK. This academic institution has withheld its reputation since its inception, owing to the excellent research output, world-class faculty, cutting-edge teaching methods and technologies, exceptional faculty-to-student ratio, and presence of numerous international students and faculty members. These factors make the University of Birmingham Dubai an ideal institution for higher education. Given below are some of the additional reasons why you should choose UoB Dubai:

  • Availability of over 30 undergraduate courses, nearly 20 graduate programmes, and more than 15 postgraduate courses across multiple disciplines: Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Education, Law, Psychology, Public Health, Marketing, Environment, and Human Resources.
  • High Acceptance Rate. The university enrols nearly 3000 students annually. 
  • No Application Fee
  • Easy application process
  • Multiple scholarships options
  • Cutting-edge campus
  • Research-oriented teaching
  • Alumni of nearly 10 Nobel laureates 

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Acceptance Rate

UoB Dubai accepts students through an online application process. The university charges no application fee. It accepts students from all over the world and is open to students from all academic backgrounds with good records. With the availability scores of academic programmes, the university has an acceptance rate of 79%. 

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The University of Birmingham is home to profound scholars and illustrious professors that are dedicated to imparting quality education to enrolled students. Over the years, the teaching quality of the university has improved tremendously. Owing to the state-of-the-art facilities available at this prestigious institution, it has been ranked as one of the top universities in the world consistently. Given below is the ranking of this academic institution by various accepted authorities:

QS World University Rankings 202391
Times Higher Education Rankings 2023108
US News and World Report89

Admission Process

To secure admission to UoB Dubai, international students are required to meet certain criteria, submit a valid application form, and produce essential documents. 

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for each course depend on the programme level. Given below are the basic admissions requirements to be considered for admission to the University of Birmingham Dubai:

  • For undergraduate programmes, students must have completed Class 12 or an equivalent from a recognised educational institution.
  • For graduate programmes, an individual should have at least one Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.
  • For postgraduate programmes, a person is required to possess a graduate degree from a certified institution.
  • The applicant to any of the bachelor’s, master’s, diploma, certificate or doctoral programmes must be of 18 years or above.
  • The candidate must have a valid passport. 

Application Process

To apply to UoB Dubai, students are required to visit the official website of the university to fill out the application form and upload the required documents. Or you can seek assistance from Leverage Edu study abroad experts, who will help you with the below-mentioned procedures:

Required Documents

Applicants are required to produce these documents to take admission to UoB Dubai:

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Here are the different types of programmes available at the University of Birmingham Dubai.

Bachelor’s Programmes

Some of the popular bachelor’s programmes at the university are tabulated below:

ProgrammesNo. of CoursesYearly Tuition Fees
Bachelor of Technology (BTech)/Bachelor of Engineering (BE)4INR 27 lakh to INR 28 lakh
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)10INR 24.5 lakh
Bachelor of Science (BSc)3INR 27 lakh

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Master’s Programmes

Here are some of the most sought after master-level programmes at UoB Dubai:

ProgrammesNo. of CoursesYearly Tuition Fees
Master of Science (MS)9INR 14 lakh to INR 29 lakh
Master of Engineering (M Engg/ME)INR 25 lakh to INR 27 lakh
Legum Magister or Master of Law (LLM)4INR 24 lakh
Masters of Public Health (MPH)1INR 28.3 lakh
Master in Management (MIM)3INR 26.5 lakh to INR 31 lakh

Post Graduate Programmes

Given below are the highlighted PG programmes at this prominent institution:

ProgrammesNo. of CoursesYearly Tuition Fees
Post Graduate Certificate (PG Cert)2INR 6.4 lakh to INR 13 lakh


There are copious numbers of courses available at the University of Birmingham Dubai. This section includes different lucrative courses at different levels.

Bachelor’s Courses

International students have shown exceptional interest in the following bachelor-level courses:

CoursesCourse DurationAnnual Tuition Fees
BE Mechanical Engineering3 yearsINR 28.5 lakh
BSc Accounting & Finance3 yearsINR 24.6 lakh
BSc Business Management and Psychology3 yearsINR 24.6 lakh
BSc Business Management and Finance 3 yearsINR 24.5 lakh
BSc in Computer Science3 yearsINR 27 lakh
BSc in Biomedical Science3 yearsINR 27 lakh
BSc Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Computer Science (CS)3 yearsINR 27 lakh
BSc in Psychology3 yearsINR 27 lakh
BSc in Business Management (Economics/Marketing/Marketing & 1-year Industry)3 yearsINR 24.6 lakh
BSc in Economics3 yearsINR 25 lakh
BSc in Psychology with Business Management3 yearsINR 27 lakh

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Master’s Courses

UoB Dubai provides the below tabulated master-level programmes:

CoursesCourse DurationAnnual Tuition Fees
MSc Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)1 yearINR 29.3 lakh
MPH 1 yearINR 28 lakh
ME in CS & Software Engineering4 yearsINR 27 lakh
MSc in International Business (IB)1 yearINR 26.5 lakh
MSc in Data Science1 yearINR 29.4 lakh
LLM General1 yearINR 23.4 lakh
LLM with International Dispute Resolution1 yearINR 24 lakh
LLM in Energy & Environment Law1 yearINR 23.4 lakh
LLM in International Commercial Law1 yearINR 23.4 lakh
MSc in Financial Mathematics1 yearINR 25 lakh
MSc in Construction Management1 year INR 28 lakh
MSc in Civil Engineering2 yearsINR 14 lakh
MSc in Financial Management1 yearINR 31 lakh
MSc in Bioinformatics2 yearsINR 28.3 lakh
MSc in AI & CS1 yearINR 29 lakh
MSc in Human Resource Management (HRM)1 yearINR 29 lakh
MSc in Urban Planning1 yearINR 25 lakh
MSc in CS1 yearINR 29 lakh

PG Courses

PG Cert courses at the University of Birmingham Dubai are as follows:

CoursesCourse DurationAnnual Tuition Fees
PG Cert in Education1 yearINR 13 lakh
PG Cert in Inclusion & Special Education Needs1 yearINR 6.5 lakh

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Students enrolling in UoB Dubai are eligible for the following scholarships:

  • Chancellor’s Academic Merit Scholarship
  • Provost’s Academic Scholarship
  • STEM Scholarship
  • Corporate Company Scholarship
  • GEMS Uni-connect Scholarship
  • Emirati Excellence Scholarship
  • Alumni Connections Scholarship


Q.1. What is the acceptance rate of UoB Dubai?

Ans: The University of Birmingham Dubai has an acceptance rate of 79%.

Q.2. Why choose the University of Birmingham Dubai?

Ans: Here are some of the reasons to choose this esteemed university:
High Acceptance Rate
No Application Fee
Easy application process
Multiple scholarships options
Cutting-edge campus
Research-oriented teaching
Alumni of nearly 10 Nobel laureates

Q.3. What is the ranking of the University of Birmingham?

Ans: The QS World University Rankings 2023 ranks this university at 91 and the Times Higher Education ranks it 108.

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