Study in Finland: University of Helsinki has admitted more than 1,300 new applicants for Masters Programs

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International students from more than 148 countries have applied for admissions. 60% of these students have come from non-EU and non-EEA countries

This year the University of Helsinki has granted admissions to 1,312 new applicants. Students from more than 148 countries including students from Finland have applied for 35 International Master’s programs offered at the University. It is 18% of the total applications received. Also, the total number of applicants in the January round were 7,116. Also, 76% of the students who have received admissions were International students. Moreover, 60% of these students have come from non- EU and non -EEA countries.


Further, the joint application process in Finland is a national procedure to grant admissions to higher education institutions.By the end of March 2023, the University of Helsinki had received 30,400 applicants. Additionally, these applications have come from the joint procedure for higher educational institutions.

Out of this 27,300 applications are for the Bachelor’s programme.Moreover, 3,200 students have applied  for the master’s programs at the university. Furthermore, the majority of students admitted to the University of Helsinki come from mainly 4 countries. However, these students have been granted admissions to the Masters courses available at the university.

Some of the popular Bachelor’s programs offered by International students include the following. Law has been the most popular Bachelor’s degree preferred by students.

Bachelor’s programNumber of applicants 
Bachelor’s program in law (Finnish)3,574 applicants
Degree program in medicine (Finnish)3,364 applicants
Bachelor’s program in psychology2,910 applicants

Below is a list of the popular MA degree programs preferred by students at the University of Helsinki.

Master’s ProgramNumber of applicants
Development of Health Care Services1,444 applicants
master’s degree program in pharmacy288 applicants
master’s degree program in psychology233 applicants

Moreover, the University of Helsinki is a public research university established in 1640. The university is one of the largest and the oldest research academic institutions in Finland. The university has enrolled more than 31,000 students. Out of this, 6% are international students. For the master’s program the university has enrolled students from more than 148 countries. Also, this means the University is accepting International students. 

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