Study In UK: 7 Educational Changes Made By Rishi Sunak Govt

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Study In UK: 7 Educational Changes Made By Rishi Sunak Govt
Rishi Sunak has introduced several new changes. This announcement was made on July 14.

The Department of Education (DfE) in the UK has decided to drop several university degrees. In place of this, the UK government has introduced several new courses. This step was taken after several cases were coming of low employability.


The Office for Students (OfS) will be let know, in accordance with the plans, to restrict the number of students universities may enroll in such courses. On July 14, 2023, the prime minister and the secretary of education made this announcement.

Several low-yielding courses will end. The UK government has announced several new changes and skilling programmes to increase the workforce. This will result in more employability, which in turn will contribute to the economy. 

Commenting on this, Akshay Chaturvedi, founder and CEO at Leverage Edu said, “This is a student-first move” by Rishi Sunak government. Adding onto this, the company has repeatedly “tried to raise their voice against shady courses and colleges.”

What is UK Visa?

The Home Office division in charge of the UK’s visa programme is known as UK Visas and Immigration. It was official in 2013 by the division of the UK Border Agency that handled visa administration.

What Are The New Changes That Have Been Introduced?

Study In UK: 7 Educational Changes Made By Rishi Sunak Govt

Here is the list of new changes which have come up.

Fee Reduction

Although a handful of low-yielding degree programmes will stop, universities will be made to charge less for foundation year classes. Its current value of £9,250 (about Rs 9,93,853) will be down to £5,760 (Rs 6,18,875). 

The UK government has announced a number of adjustments and skill-building initiatives in an effort to grow the skilled workforce, which will improve employability and boost the nation’s economy.

Drop in Foundation Courses

For studies in the medical and veterinary sciences, a year of foundational courses is essential, although it has been known that this is not necessary for studies in topics like business. For business purposes, foundational courses will end.

New Digital Platform

In order to make it easier for individuals, students and employers to access all the information on apprenticeships, T Levels, skill boot camps and courses on one platform, the education department will also introduce a new digital site this autumn. There will be 100 new apprenticeships in industries like healthcare and construction.

New T-Level Vocational Courses

Several new T-level courses will now come. These courses are equivalent to 3 A levels. These skills will help students to get employment and higher studies apprenticeships.

Higher Technical Qualifications

While Higher Technical Qualifications are also familiar with HTQs. There are several types of HTQs, these include higher national diplomas, higher national certificates, foundational degrees and higher education diplomas.

Skills Training

The UK government will help students and employers with several training options and skill gaps.

Apprenticeships Along With Traditional Degrees

The Universities and College Admission Service or UCAS will increase to let students for apprenticeships along with traditional degrees.

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