Study Abroad: International Students in P3s are now Eligible for PGWPs

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Study Abroad International Students in P3s are now Eligible for PGWPs

The new PGWP eligibility criteria officially came into effect from 15th May for foreign students graduating from public-private partnerships (PPPs) colleges in Canada. IRCC first announced on 22nd January, 2024 that international graduates of college programs offered through a public private curriculum licensing partnership are no longer eligible for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) as of 1st September 2024. IRCC moved the effective date for these new PGWP rules to 15th May instead of 1st September 2024.


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PGWP Ineligibility for International Students in Curriculum Licensing Agreements

Foreign students are ineligible for post-graduation work permits if they have finished a course or study program at a DLI under a curriculum licensing agreement (also called a P3 or public-private partnership). Students might qualify for a PGWP prior to 15th May, 2024 if they are enrolled in a program of study at a private college that was administered on behalf of a public institution in the same province. In addition to this, international students will not be qualified for PGWP if they start the study program on or before 31st January, 2023 at a public private partnership educational instituition. 

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General PGWP Eligibility Criteria

Foreign students can apply for a PGWP after graduating from a PGWP eligible designated learning institution in Canada. They should have maintained full time student status during each semester of their study program. Students are also required to have a study permit valid for the last 180 days.

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