Study Abroad: Germany Builds Sustainable Student Housing; Know More!

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This initiative of building sustainable student housing is a good step. It also comes with several recreational activities.

For the last 10 years, several young people have been working on an eco-friendly project built from scratch in the German city of Heidelberg. Apart from this, these people are also self-managing this student residence. It is both social and ecological. 


This site is now open to all students and has the capacity to house nearly 200 students. The inhabitants are already moving in since February 2023. Apart from this, students are getting this housing at affordable prices.

What Do The Rooms Look Like?

There are many rooms which are below market rates, they come with green spaces developed with permaculture techniques and bicycle repair workshops and much more. This student accommodation is located on the site of a former US hospital in Heidelberg-Rohrbach (Germany).

This residence is independent and is built and has been financed by a student association. It comes with an inner courtyard. This four-storey building is “passive”, which means the temperature does not need to be increased or air-conditioned. This is because of the optimal insulation.

Apart from all this, sustainable and affordable housing is about “making democracy tangible and promoting cultural and social exchange in an educational context.”

This idea of creating a self-managed and ecological residence dates back to 2014. This initiative was led by a group of activists who wanted to revive a similar residence that existed in the city in the 1970s. 

This student accommodation is quite affordable and rooms can be taken for rent for €350 per month (INR 31,096). 

After 10 years into this project, the apartments are finally ready to move in. This whole project is worth around €30 million (INR 3 Crore). 

Many people have taken part in financing this project through several sources, such as ethical banks, public subsidies etc.

There are plans that the residence will soon grow. Several members of the association have acquired two former American military buildings located next to the Collegium Academicum. 

This accommodation is ready with the aim for students to socialize, conduct meetings and for student housing.

If you are looking for this type of housing, then this is the best option for you. For more exciting news updates, make sure you contact Leverage Edu and study abroad blogs.

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