Top Hangout Spots Near Tsinghua University

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Top Hangout Spots Near Tsinghua University

University of Tsinghua is a renowned university in Beijing, China known for its world-class science, engineering, and technology education. Established in 1911, the University of Tsinghua has evolved into a university offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various disciplines. Alongside its quality education, the University of Tsinghua also has a great campus life and various hangout spots for students. The place offers vibrant spots that cater to everyone’s interests. From cafes to parks and to big malls, you find everything around the university. 


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Best Hangout Spots

While embracing your student life, visiting some famous hangout spots near your university is a must to unwind and create lifelong memories. The University of Tsinghua offers numerous such spots for students to take a little break from their hectic schedule and relax. Here we will explore some of the top hangout spots near the University of Tsinghua. 

Summer Palace

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Located near the University of Tsinghua, Summer Palace is a mesmerizing spot for students and visitors with birds chirping melodiously and nature significantly showcasing its beauty.  A small walk around the garden and pictures near the lake will make your day. This palace showcases the rich history of China. Whether you want to read a book in a serene atmosphere or want to experience boating, the Summer Palace will cater for it all. 


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In the neighborhood of the University of Tsinghua, Wudaokou is an exciting hangout spot for students. It offers trendy cafes, shops, and many other unique finds at an affordable price. Here, you can discuss with people on various topics while sipping on a cup of coffee and feel the youthful energy in the atmosphere. 

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Zhongguancun is a paradise for tech enthusiasts. This place is referred to as China’s silicon valley and a growing tech hub that attracts students towards it. Markets in Zhongguancun offer high-tech gadgets and let you engage in a thought-provoking discussion with your peers. This place is a world of innovation itself and an ideal place to gather knowledge about technology. 

Peking University 

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Located close to the University of Tsinghua, Peking University has a different campus life which can be experienced by the students of the University of Tsinghua as well. Visit the esteemed library and immerse yourself in the collection of various books, engage in healthy communication and broaden your intellectual growth through mutual collaboration. 

Houhai Lake

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To experience a refreshing and vibrant atmosphere, Houhai Lake is a renowned spot for locals and students. The scenic surrounding makes the place alive with an array of bars and restaurants located nearby with live music. Indulge in the tempting street food scenes and socialize with new people. Experience nightlife and create lasting memories. 

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Other Hangout Spots

Apart from the above-mentioned hangout spots, you can also visit another place to rejuvenate yourself such as: 

  • Beijing Botanical Garden
  • Nanluoguxiang Hutong
  • Sanlitun Bar Street
  • Wangjing Soho
  • Lama Temple (Yonghe Temple)
  • Houhai Bar Street
  • Shichahai Lakes
  • National Stadium (Bird’s Nest)
  • Beijing Zoo


Q1. What is the acceptance rate of the University of Tsinghua? 

A. The University of Tsinghua is highly competitive and has an acceptance rate of less than 2%. 

Q2. What is the minimum GPA required to get into the University of Tsinghua? 

A. The minimum GPA required to get into the university is 2.5.

Q3. What is the cost of the application fee for the University of Tsinghua? 

A. The cost of the application fee is RMB 800 ( INR 9,154). 

This was all about some of the top hangout spots near the University of Tsinghua. Hope this blog helps you with some recommendations. For more information, keep following Leverage Edu. 

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