Top Hangout Spots near the University of Alberta

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Studying for long hours can be tedious and overwhelming for students; therefore, going out for a small walk or a picnic with friends to create memorable moments is all you need. For students who are going to join the University of Alberta or who are already studying there, we will be recommending some of the top hangout spots near the university where you can go and just relax for a while and let go of the tiredness. Let’s dive into it


About the University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is located in Edmonton in Canada and is renowned for its academic excellence and contributions to society. The university was established in 1908 and has approximately 40,000 students studying there. Apart from its academic excellence, the university also offers some vibrant spots around the university for students to take a little break from their studies to unwind, relax and rejuvenate themselves. 

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Top Hangout Spots

Here are some of the top hangouts spots near the University of Alberta

Whyte Avenue

Source: Travel Alberta

Located within walking distance from the University, Whyte Avenue is a popular hangout spot known for vibrant street scenes with numerous local shops, offering something to everyone. Students out for a little break can sit in a cozy cafe with their coffee on and students out to explore can take a round of the market to explore and socialize. This place hosts various cultural events showcasing art and skills. With a welcoming ambiance, Whyte Avenue is an ideal place to hang out with friends. 

William Hawrelak Park

Source: 10 adventures

For people who love spending time with nature, William Hawrelak Park is the place for you all. Located along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, this place offers serene and green spaces for a small walk or a picnic. The park comes alive with events and festivals during summer and transforms into a skating rink during winter offering a peaceful and engaging landscape. 

Edmonton River Valley 

Source: Etsy

One of the largest urban park systems in North America, Edmonton River Valley is the place for recreational activities enthusiasts. The valley offers various opportunities for hiking, biking, jogging, and much more. As the season changes, during the winter the place displays cross-country skiing and snowshoeing options. The tranquil place makes it a perfect hangout spot for students to unwind and recharge themselves from their hectic schedules. The place is always open to welcome you all with green spaces and a serene atmosphere. 

Garneau Theatre

Source: Wikipedia

For lovers of art and movie, the Garneau Theatre is situated in the neighborhood of the University of Alberta and is a must-visit hangout spot. The place displays a unique cinematic experience with a mic of art-house films, movies, and documentaries offering diverse options to everyone according to their taste. You can also attend screenings or get into a discussion about the film and events. It is a cultural hub, appreciating art and movies among students and locals. 

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University of Alberta Botanic Garden

Source: TripAdvisor 

Located within a short walk from the university, the University of Alberta Botanic Garden offers a great experience in nature. The garden displays a diverse collection of plants and offers a themed garden. Students can walk around the garden and find solace in the beauty of nature and relax in the surroundings. The garden hosts various workshops and hosts events, making people aware of nature and its connection with the world. 

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What are the fees for the University of Alberta? 

The fee for the University of Alberta for one semester ranges from INR 3,00,000 to INR 4,33,000.

Is the GRE compulsory for admission to the University of Alberta? 

No, GRE is not compulsory for admission to the University of Alberta. 

What is the ranking for the University of Alberta? 

The QS world ranking for the University of Alberta for the year 2023 is 111.

This was all about some of the best hangout spots near the University of Alberta. Hope this blog helps you with some recommendations for hangout spots where you can visit to refresh your mind and body. For more interesting reads, keep following Leverage Edu. 

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