Best Restaurants Near the University of St Andrews

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Best Restaurants Near the University of St Andrews

One of the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom, the University of St. Andrews is located in Scotland and is regarded at the same level as the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford. It is situated in the town of St. Andrews and which is where it gets its name from. 


St. Andrews attracts a lot of international students from all around the world as there are around 45% of students international out of its total student population, which represents more than 135 nationalities. 

There are a lot of restaurants located in the vicinity of the University of St. Andrews where students can hang out with each other and have a great time while making lifelong memories. If you are someone who is new to this university and is looking for some of the best restaurants near the University of St. Andrews then this blog will help you greatly. Keep on reading further to know more! 

About St Andrews Town 

St Andrews is a town rich in history, natural beauty, and a distinct local culture. It is situated on the Scottish coast and is home to the oldest university in Scotland. St Andrews, which is fiercely proud of its history and small-town attractiveness, has successfully avoided many of the larger chain restaurants and fast food outlets by depending on the great range of individual cafés and eateries that it has to offer. 

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Best Restaurants Near the University of St. Andrews 

As a university student, it is always a great idea to know about restaurants and cafes located near your university so that you can hang out with friends and make memories that will last forever. If you are a student at the University of St. Andrews then check out the list mentioned below which entails some of the popular cafes and restaurants located near the University:

North Point 

Courtesy – https://straylight.cs.st-andrews.ac.uk/

North Point gained popularity as one of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s favourite hangout places while they were students at St. Andrews, but this endearing café was well worth a visit long before that. The bustling, warm environment makes it the perfect place for a casual study session or leisurely breakfast with friends, and it’s only a short stroll from the beach. From freshly baked scones and tea to an opulent breakfast burrito, the morning buffet has something for every palate. Meanwhile, the lunch menu offers a selection of soups, paninis, and toasted bagels.

The Jigger Inn 

Courtesy – https://www.tripadvisor.in/

This facet of the community’s culture is well complemented by fine dining at the Jigger Inn. On the Old Course, a renowned golf course that runs along the St Andrews shoreline, the restaurant is housed in a 19th-century station master’s lodge. The menu features a variety of international, home-cooked dishes, such as grilled rib eye steak and an aromatic Thai green curry, as well as a large selection of beverages, including the Inn’s very own produced beer.

Little Italy

Courtesy – https://www.thecourier.co.uk/

Little Italy in St. Andrews has all the personality and allure of an actual, small-town Italian eatery. The décor is tiny and charming, with crimson walls and tall candles put in antique wine bottles at each table to create a warm, inviting ambience. A colourful red and green ceiling, black and white images, framed old posters, and red and white striped tablecloths all contribute to the genuine Italian atmosphere. 

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Courtesy – https://www.gourmetsociety.co.uk/

One visit to Maisha is sufficient to understand why it was named one of the top five curry restaurants in Scotland in 2011 by the Scottish Curry Awards. They focus on cooking traditional Indian and Bengali dishes using fresh, regional ingredients, drawing flavour inspiration from their Scottish coastal surroundings as well. As a result, a wide range of traditional and innovative fish and seafood specialities as well as more conventional meat and vegetarian dishes have been created.

Tailend Restaurant and Fish Bar

Courtesy – https://www.yelp.com/

Tailend Restaurant and Fish Bar offer all the satisfaction and deliciousness of traditional fish and chips with the freshness and quality of a coastal restaurant. It is a blend between a typical British chippie and modern dining. All of their meals, from their chargrilled garlic and chilli king prawn skewers to their haddock supper served battered, breaded, or lightly fried with handmade pesto, are made fresh to order, and the specials board frequently contains seasonal fresh fish obtained locally. 

The Vic 

Courtesy – https://www.designmynight.com/

The Vic is a popular hangout for residents and students alike and is brimming with a distinctive personality. A ceiling-high bar display with strange bottles, exposed brick walls and wall decorations ranging from a surfboard to crammed bookcases are all illuminated by quirky wire lamps within the bar. With a range of delectable pub fare like macaroni cheese, Cajun spiced chicken wings with blue cheese dressing, a 2-4-1 burger bargain, and speciality cocktails served in cute jam jars, The Vic’s menu complements this eclectic, fun-loving atmosphere.

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Q1. Is St Andrews good for international students?

A. St Andrews University is known for providing an incredible experience to international students. It holds a global reputation for its world-class teaching facilities which sets up students for success. 

Q2. What is the University of St Andrews ranked in the world?

A. As per the recent QS World University Rankings, the University of St Andrews has been ranked 95th positing out of 1500 universities. 

Q3. Who are some of the notable alumni of the University of St Andrews? 

A. Some of the Notable Alumni of the University of St Andrews are: 
Prince William (Duke of Cambridge)
Catherine (Duchess of Cambridge) 
Alex Salmond (former first minister of Scotland) 
Benjamin Franklin 

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