10 Things Only A Study Abroad Student Can Relate To

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Venturing on your abroad experience as a student can be daunting. But, have you ever wondered what comes next after getting accepted into your dream universities and experiencing life in countries like the UK, US, Australia, and New Zealand, to name a few? For such students life while studying abroad becomes a mental crisis filled with difficult situations rather than a fun experience. There is so much to do beyond getting your study visa and application done for a good overseas education experience. However, there are a few things only a study abroad student can relate to.


For a starter, you need to know that moving abroad as a college freshman requires you to live on your own in a whole new environment. That is why you need to learn these 10 things only a study abroad student can relate to in advance. This will help you a whole lot in churning out adversities in your favour and if not, then you would be dealing with it as a warrior. 

10 Sneak Peeks into the Daily Life of Study Abroad Student

Once you are leaving your home, out of your comfort zone, just know that you are on your own. Some students often forget to take note of these important factors. But you can be an exception and be prepared in advance by coming up with your majors to deal with the following things your fellow students generally go through. 

Feeling Homesick on Traditional Holidays 

Without a second thought, none of the Indian students studying abroad has ever disagreed with feeling homesick on traditional holidays. Be it the Gujiyas and colours of Holi, Vermicelli of Eid, or the sparkling lights and sweets of Diwali. Traditional holidays, family gatherings, meeting and greeting your kin and knowns on lined-up festivals are a huge miss while living abroad. 

Struggling with Time Zone to Make Calls 

Imagine you are studying at an Australian university. You decide to call your family after a short lunch break in the noon. But no one picked up and now you are pissed off. Later you came to release the 12 hours time difference between the time zone of India and Australia. And guess what, these time calculations are going to be a part and parcel of your life as a student abroad. No matter the country you are in.  

Feeling Relieved While Meeting Your Homeland Fellas

If there is something that feels a little reliving in this whole studying abroad phase is meeting your keenness and kindness amongst foreigners. You would have so much to reminisce on about various festivals, cousins, places that feel at home, and whatnot. 

Fear of Missing out on Local Slang and Cultural Jokes

Another common factor causing fear of missing out among international students is not getting used to the local dialects and slang. If not huge, there is a marginal language difference even if you and the migrating nation shares English as a proficiency or speaking language.

Uncertain Climate Being a Barrier to Your Study Abroad Climax

If it is not enough, then your first barrier while acquainting a foreign culture and atmosphere would be the uncertain climate change. Being used to the moderate transitions in the weather of India, you would need some time to get used to the sudden change in the foreign weather. 

Feeling Anxious and Lonely in a Foreign Land

This is one of the other things a study abroad student can relate to. Feeling anxious and lonely amidst foreigners will become your thing once nostalgia kicks in. You would not feel like talking about your homesickness and related stuff with friends who would not relate. However, you need to embrace your new surroundings and stop diving deeper into overthinking. 

Managing Life Between College and Part-time Jobs

By the time you have started applying for a university abroad and learnt the cost of living abroad, you would know that working part times while studying overseas goes hand in hand. In the beginning, it seems easier to cater to the endless projects, assignments, and lectures along with working part times or internships. But in reality, it gets exhausting from time to time to manage both like a ninja. 

Converting and Comparing Expenses to Home Currency 

At times we do get stuck while judging if the goods we are spending for are worth the price or not. Especially when we are exploring the city as a freshman. Although for some students it is a hobby to compare the exchange currency with their Indian counterparts to find out how much they would have paid for the same commodity in their homeland. 

Being Disappointed with Internship Eligibility Criteria

Finding a perfect job with good pay is like your dream come true unless it has some frustrating eligibility requirements you must meet. What if the job requires you to be a permanent resident of the nation or a work permit visa to hire you? These situations sometimes become frustrating enough that you would sometimes go joking about finding a potential spouse to get your dream job in the country. 

Lack of Accommodations for International Students 

Guess why the problem of finding good accommodation has been listed in the last? Because serious problems come in the last like the climax villain. The gravity of finding a suitable housing apartment near your university is how difficult can be attested only by your preceding Indian students abroad. That is why lots of students prefer to book their accommodation even before flying overseas to not feel the anxiety alone. 

Although the cons of living abroad as a student abroad mentioned in the blog above may seem a bit difficult. These are far lesser of a concern if you are aware of these problems beforehand and take it as a challenge thrown to you as a part and parcel of your study abroad experience.

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